The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Chapter 148

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Sean’s Diligence

Abigail turned her head to look at him, her expression one of surprise, but she quickly composed herself. “Why are you here?”

Sean walked straight into the private room, standing beside her with his hand on her shoulder. “Of course, I came to help my cousin overcome difficulties.”

Luke, who was sitting next to Anthony, stood up on his own initiative. “You young folks should sit together and sort out all the messy things online.”

Lewis was aware of the online situation, but even he had no way to handle such matters.

Sean sat beside Abigail. He gave Anthony a cold glance as he muttered, “Your crew is really something. Is it worth it for an actress to target a mere assistant like this?”

“We don’t have evidence-”

began, to which Sean interrupted coldly, “By the time you find a

solution, it’ll be too late. We’ve all been in the entertainment industry, but you don’t even know

when to do crisis PR?”

Abigail bumped his arm lightly. “Can you not talk like that?”

“If I don’t talk like this, will you teach me?” Sean looked at her with a cold. gaze.

Luke watched Sean with a smile. “Sean, you really stick to your principles. Only someone who is

not in the industry can be so carefree. You and Anthony are both impressive. One helps her deal with troubles outside the crew, and the other helps her within. Haha!”

Abigail thought to herself that Luke would have been better off not speaking.

This comment only made Sean’s expression darken.

Anthony noticed Sean’s expression and smiled meaningfully. “As a cousin, you’re indeed very diligent. I’m just worried that your sweetheart Joan might treat Abby the same way Laura did.”

Sean’s face showed a touch of indifference. “What makes you think that Joan is my sweetheart?”

“Oh, isn’t it because you gave her such an expensive bag and forced her into a major production even though she lacks acting skills?” Anthony feigned curiosity.

“There’s no need for me to explain things to you,” Sean responded calmly.

Anthony picked up his glass of water and took a sip, saying nothing more.

Abigail chuckled awkwardly. “You guys go on talking about historical anecdotes. I find it quite


She planned to ask Sean privately later about how he planned to handle the online situation.

Lewis also didn’t want to participate in the heated exchange between Sean and Anthony, so he quickly pulled Luke aside to chat.

Abigail took out her phone and sent a message to Sean.

‘Can you please stop talking like that? How will you handle the online situation?”

Sean’s phone buzzed, and he to

out. Seeing the message from Abigail, he said, ‘Abby, I’m sitting

right in front of you. It’s not appropriate to message privately. If you have something to say, say it out loud for everyone to hear,

This made Anthony and the others immediately focus their attention on Abigail.

Abigail forced a sour smile, feeling like she wanted to disappear.

“You guys continue,” Abigail said, putting her phone back in her bag.

Then she reached out and pinched Sean’s thigh hard.

Sean gasped in pain.

Abigail was about to withdraw her hand when Sean tightly grasped it.

She struggled a bit and looked up to see Anthony staring at her. She quickly froze, not moving.

“Mr. Booker, do you have any intentions toward my cousin?” Sean asked directly.

Abigail wished he would just shut up.

“Of course I do. I liked Abby a lot in college, and I still do now,” Anthony said without reservation.

Sean nodded, his smile turning cold. “So, you have ulterior motives for my cousin. That’s why you’ve been deliberately treating her well.”

The undertone of his words was clear-Anthony’s intentions weren’t


Anthony looked at Abigail with a smile. “Liking someone is the most innocent thing. Mr. Graham, the way you say it, it’s as if liking someone is a heinous crime.”

The two of them went back and forth. Abigail tried to free her hand while holding her water glass, silently drinking.

“Speaking of which, there’s a makeup style that Laura isn’t very satisfied with. She says it’s like a hostess and accuses me of having a personal vendetta,” Abigail chimed in as Lewis and Luke, discussed enthusiastically.

Sean watched Anthony with a cold gaze.

Anthony raised his teacup, smili with equal coldness.

“Is it hooker makeup?” Luke asked Abigail.

She nodded.

“Nowadays, young actors really don’t cut it. They don’t understand, but they insist on criticizing. They lack confidence in our style,” Luke said, sighing heavily.

Lewis wore a troubled expression. “Yes, the industry has changed. It’s difficult for me too.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me how to handle the online situation?” Sean suddenly leaned closer to Abigail, speaking to her in a low voice.

His posture was ambiguous and intimate.

Anthony narrowed his eyes, feeling uncomfortable. He leaned back in his chair and started playing with his phone.

Abigail gritted her teeth and squeezed out a sentence. “Let go of my hand.”

She spoke especially quietly.

Sean looked at her with deep eyes but still released her hand.

Sean looked at her with deep eyes but still released her hand.

She breathed a sigh of relief. “How will you handle it?”

“Just find out who bought the trending topic,” he replied.

“You’re quite proficient in handling these things, aren’t you?” Abigail sneered.

Sean turned his head to look at her. “I specifically looked it up before.”

Abigail suddenly understood. For Joan’s career, he was very diligent.

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The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

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The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

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