The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Chapter 143

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Still Thinking About Him

Laura expressed her dissatisfaction with her costume by repeatedly making errors in the first scene.

Infuriated, Lewis slammed the script he was holding onto the ground. “Laura, do you even know how to act?! I asked you to portray the grief and anger of losing your loved ones, but what are you. doing?! All I see is your anger! Where’s your grief for your deceased family members?!” he roared furiously, his face flushed.

With reddened eyes, Laura pursed her l*ps in silence.

Hensey immediately stepped in, saying to Lewis, “Miss Quinn upset her quite a bit this morning, so she’s not at her best right now.”

Lewis instantly shifted his gaze toward Abigail. “How could you do that?! She’s the leading actress!” Can’t you choose your words more carefully?”

Abigail, who was huddled in a nearby corner, was startled for a moment when she became the target of his wrath. She promptly replied, “I got it,”

“Let’s shoot the scenes with the male lead first!” Lewis darted a glance at Laura and then turned around to instruct others to get ready.

Hensey took Laura aside, comforting her tenderly as they sat down.

Laura cried, tears running down her cheeks.

It was thought that the incident would just end like that, but someone from the film crew

deliberately released it as a behind-the-scenes cl*p. Laura had numerous fans in the first place, and they were in an uproar when this cl*p was released.

A fan commented, “Who the hell does Abigail think she is?! Can she do whatever she wants just because she’s the assistant to L.Moon’s Alana? If she dares to bully the leading actress on set, she

must think she could be the leading actress in this drama! Laura, even if you end up offending Director Lewis, the Dumplings will always stand by you!”

Another commented, ‘If Abigail wants to play the female lead role, she can. After all, Sean Graham is her cousin, while Anthony Booker is her senior at university. With these two bigwigs backing her, even if she tramples on the director on set, the director has to put up with it, let alone publicly

trampling on Laura on set.

Another fan commented, ‘L.Moon is really giving itself airs. Alana should have personally designed

the costumes and led her team to serve Laura. Why would she hire such an incompetent assistant?!’

Someone else commented, ‘If Alana doesn’t fire her immediately, we’ll bombard L.Moon with

messages. I don’t believe that L.Moon’s co-branded brands won’t be afraid of getting implicated! Dumplings, let’s boycott Abigail and L. Moon!”

Soon, a trending search topic appeared-Abigail bullies leading actress and punches Director Lewis

on set.’

Right after that, another topic appeared-Laura’s fans demand that L.Moon fires Abigail.

Following that, ‘Boycott L.Moon’ also made it to the list of trending topics.

As for Abigail, she was on the f set and still unaware of what was happening when she received a call from Luna. “How did you offend Laura, the leading actress, on set? Now, the whole internet is

filled with criticism against you. L.Moon is suffering huge losses this time!” Luna said in a serious


“What happened?” Abigail was still puzzled.

“The brands we were in talks with have backed out at the last minute, and even our previous

partners have informed us that we need to clarify the situation on the internet today, or they might sue us,” Luna explained, sending links to the three Instagram posts to her.

Under these Instagram posts, Laura’s fans were viciously insulting Abigail with extremely foul

language, which made Abigail’s blood boil. However, she understood the situation now. “I see. Let

me talk to the director first-

Luna quickly interjected, “No, I think you’d better ask Anthony. Both of us are unfamiliar with the

entertainment industry and have never worked on a film set before, so we don’t know if there are

any unspoken rules in the industry. Anthony is a professional, so he might know better.”

“Okay,” Abigail replied. As soon as she hung up the phone, she actually thought of Sean first.

However, recalling his previous opinions on her work, she decided to call Anthony instead.

Anthony had expected her to call him. He answered the phone and said at once, “I just learned about your situation. I helped you ask Lewis about it, and he said he didn’t expect the fans to react

so strongly. He only said something out of anger, but he never thought it would cause you so much


“How should I handle this, then? Many brands L.Moon is working with are demanding that we issue a PR statement today to explain this public outcry. Otherwise, they’re threatening to sue us for breach of contract,” Abigail stated in an extremely polite manner.

up on

Anthony replied, “At this point, you have to stay calm and make sure that Sean doesn’t show the film set, or things will get even more complicated. I can’t come over right now, but I’ll handle it for you from behind the scenes.”

“Okay,” Abigail responded. She was still hesitant, wondering if Sean would show up on the film set.

“It’s normal to release behind-the-scenes footage, but it’s clear that this footage seems intentional. Just how did the grudge betw n you and Laura come about? She’s got a nice reputation, and I heard she has a good temper,” Anthony asked, sounding puzzled.

Abigail couldn’t help but wonder if this was the public’s perception of Laura from outside the entertainment industry. They say many celebrities treat their staff like dirt but have a good public image online, and now I’m experiencing this firsthand. She explained all of Laura’s dissatisfactions to Anthony.

While Abigail was on a long call, Sean tried calling her for nearly 30 minutes, but the call couldn’t get through. It made him so angry that veins were bulging in his temples.

“The online comments are getting out of control,” Cameron reminded him gingerly.

Sean slammed his phone down on his desk. “Abigail must be innocent. That Laura lady is definitely targeting her intentionally. Dig up any dirt on Laura and release it online within the next two hours. It’s better to focus on how she treats her staff.”

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

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"The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail" is a captivating novel written by Sean and Abigail, a talented author duo known for their poignant storytelling and complex character development. Set in the affluent backdrop of New York City, the novel delves into the lives of the elite, exploring themes of love, ambition, and the facades people construct to protect themselves.

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Read The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail - The story centers around the character of Victoria, a woman who appears to lead a picture-perfect life as the wife of a successful Wall Street executive, James. However, beneath the surface, their marriage is crumbling. James is consumed by his work, leaving Victoria feeling neglected and unfulfilled. Victoria's discontentment leads her to seek solace in an unexpected friendship with a mysterious artist named Gabriel. Their connection is immediate and intense, providing Victoria with the emotional support and understanding she craves.

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

In essence, "The Spare Wife" is a beautifully crafted novel that offers a compelling exploration of human relationships in the context of wealth, ambition, and societal expectations. Through vivid prose and deeply developed characters, Sean and Abigail deliver a story that resonates long after the final page is turned. It serves as a reminder that even in the most privileged circles, true happiness and fulfillment can remain elusive, requiring introspection, courage, and sometimes painful sacrifices to attain.

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The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail


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