The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Chapter 139

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Chapter 139

Chapter 139 I’m Not Happy With You

Abigail reflexively turned off her location sharing right away.

She paced back and forth and considered calling back when Sean’s phone call came first. After

taking a deep breath, she answered the phone, pretending to sound calm. “What’s up?”

“You know I’m here, don’t you?” Sean’s tone was displeased. Obviously, he was angry because she had turned off location sharing.

“Well… So what?” she asked calmly.

He replied, “Why did you turn it off, then? Send me your location and wait for me there.”

“What are you doing out here?” she asked with a note of annoyance in her voice. She didn’t want

him to come over.

“Your location.”

Abigail pursed her l*ps. In the end, she shared her location with him. She couldn’t fathom why he insisted on coming over. Deep down, she felt puzzled and a little irritated.

Sean drove over. Seeing her standing at the hotel entrance while looking at her phone, he honked

his horn to get her attention.

She looked over with a frown. The streetlight illuminated her fair face at night; she was wearing at

run-of-the-mill t-shirt and a pair of loose linen pants, giving off a casual and relaxed vibe. Seeing

him waiting for her in the car, she walked over and rested her hand on the open car window. “What

are you doing here?”

“Just came to see what you’re up to. Is that a good enough reason for you?” he replied, opening the

car door.

She voluntarily got into the car and sat down, continuing to browse nearby food options on her phone. “Have you had dinner?”

“Nope,” he replied, starting the car.

“Let me ch*ck if there are any good restaurants nearby,” she said, lowering her gaze as she carefully browsed through the recommended restaurants on the food app. After a while, she suddenly suggested, “Let’s go to Gold Pavilion. The reviews look nice to me, and they serve Brohan’s

signature dishes.”

“Okay,” he said, immediately setting the destination for the navigation system.

After dinner, the pair didn’t leave immediately. They sat in the restaurant, surrounded by the lively chatter of people and the clinking of dishes and bowls.

Abigail relaxed and looked at Sean. “Aren’t you going to deal with work at your company?”

“Some work can be done remotely,” he replied in a gentle voice while leaning back in his chair.

“I’m busy at many markets during the day. I don’t have time for you,” she retorted, trying to dismiss. him in a roundabout way.

He stared at her. “Uh-huh. You j go about your business. I can tag along and see what’s going on.”

Abigail couldn’t quite grasp why he insisted on following her around. After staring at him for at while, she suddenly asked, “Sean, are you trying to return to your family and be a good husband


“Since we’re here on a business trip, let’s not talk about family matters,” he replied, lifting his teacup

and taking a sip of iced tea.

Is he treating this trip as a vacation for himself? Abigail wondered.

It was nearly 10.00PM when they left Gold Pavilion. Abigail let out a yawn.

“Tired?” he asked her.

Her eyes were slightly teary from exhaustion. She glanced at the roadside, saying, “I should and rest. I’ll go back by cab, so you don’t have to go with me.”

Sean looked surprised. “Where am I supposed to stay, then?”



His words baffled her for a moment before she replied with a bewildered expression, “How would I know where you’re staying?”

“Aren’t we supposed to stay together as husband and wife?” he asked her.

Indeed, Abigail didn’t plan on having him stay with her. She frowned, pretending to be hesitant.

“The bed in my room isn’t that big.”

“We’ve squeezed into a hospital bed before,” he replied.

Abigail was annoyed deep down, but in the end, she nodded and complied. She was really tired and didn’t want to argue with him; she just wanted to go back, take a shower, and go to sleep as soon as


Early in the morning, Abigail was awakened by the sound of her phone ringing. She reached for the phone and groggily answered it, only to hear Luna exclaim, “You and Sean are trending on


Her mind was somewhat foggy, ar bigail didn’t quite comprehend what she meant. “Trending on Instagram? What do you mean?”

Luna continued shouting, “You two were photographed entering the same hotel in Broham! No one knows who took the photos, but they’ve made both of you trend on Instagram!”

Only then did Abigail get a bit more conscious. “It’s normal for us to stay in the same hotel. We’re at married couple, you know.”

“I’m just calling to ask what’s really going on between you two,” replied Luna with a note of

seriousness in her voice.

“I’ll tell you later,” said Abigail before hanging up.

Sean was already awake, though half of his face was under the covers, his eyes still showing a hint of


Abigail put down her phone and got out of bed to freshen up.

After she finished getting ready and was about to go to have breakfast, Sean finally got out of bed in a leisurely manner. Wearing only a snug pair of boxer briefs, he strode around the room, completely unbothered by her presence.

“Can you hurry up?” she urged.

He clenched his toothbrush while searching through his suitcase for some clothes. Hearing her, he

“Can you hurry up?” she urged.

He clenched his toothbrush while searching through his suitcase for some clothes. Hearing her, he grunted in response but continued his slow search for a fresh set of clothes.

“What exactly do you have against these clothes? Just say it outright!” she said angrily.

He turned to look at her. “Haven’t you noticed that I’m not happy with you?”

Abigail found his response utterly bewildering.

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

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How To Read Novel The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Full Chapters

"The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail" is a captivating novel written by Sean and Abigail, a talented author duo known for their poignant storytelling and complex character development. Set in the affluent backdrop of New York City, the novel delves into the lives of the elite, exploring themes of love, ambition, and the facades people construct to protect themselves.

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Read The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail - The story centers around the character of Victoria, a woman who appears to lead a picture-perfect life as the wife of a successful Wall Street executive, James. However, beneath the surface, their marriage is crumbling. James is consumed by his work, leaving Victoria feeling neglected and unfulfilled. Victoria's discontentment leads her to seek solace in an unexpected friendship with a mysterious artist named Gabriel. Their connection is immediate and intense, providing Victoria with the emotional support and understanding she craves.

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

In essence, "The Spare Wife" is a beautifully crafted novel that offers a compelling exploration of human relationships in the context of wealth, ambition, and societal expectations. Through vivid prose and deeply developed characters, Sean and Abigail deliver a story that resonates long after the final page is turned. It serves as a reminder that even in the most privileged circles, true happiness and fulfillment can remain elusive, requiring introspection, courage, and sometimes painful sacrifices to attain.

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As we bring this tale to a close, we invite your contemplation. “The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail” is more than a novel; it’s a journey into urban intricacies that extend far beyond its pages. As you navigate the complexities of Sean and Abigail story, you’ll find reflections of your own views on ambition, relationships, and the unexpected twists life can bring. What are your impressions of this intriguing tapestry of emotions? We encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section on the website below, adding your voice to the community touched by this remarkable narrative. Step into the world of “The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail,” where the ordinary conceals the extraordinary, and the true meaning of power awaits your discovery.

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail


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