The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Chapter 128

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Abigail Doesn’t Care

After Abigail returned to her studio from the Graham Estate, she handed over a property deed to Luna before getting busy with her affairs.

Lewis was shooting a meticulous drama set in the period of the Western Roman Empire’s fall, so she needed to gather research materials. Since she did not have ready-made materials, she had to visit relevant academic institutions to consult history professors.

After spending most of the day with the old professor, she obtained plenty of information but still lacked research. Therefore, the professor advised her to go to the library and find more books to study in detail.

As she was leaving the school, she received a call from Sean. The moment she pressed the answer button, she heard his angry tone. “You rushed back and made Grandma ill just to mortgage the house I bought for you? You’re putting work above everything else!”

She immediately asked, “How is she?”

“Do you even care about her? You only care about your studio. Even when she’s experiencing

heartache, you left immediately and went to the bank to mortgage the house.” He hung up the phone right after he said that.

Abigail stared at her phone, unable to react for a while.

The house he bought for her was halfway up the hill, and though it had been popular last year, it

became deserted this year. The road to the city was long, and the residential area had been half- developed but stalled for a year due to unforeseen circumstances.

He did not know that the house was no longer suitable for living. Temporarily using it as collateral

at the bank was also to consider buying a new place for when Analise came over, making it

convenient for her to stay.

However, Abigail did not want to explain any of these to him. She returned home with the

materials and saw Analise in the living room, busy ironing clothes on the table. Watching the scene,

she felt a warmth in her heart.

“You’re early today. Are you hungry? I’ll make you some pasta,” Analise asked with concern, holding

an electric iron.

Abigail shook her head and replied, “I have some work. Let’s eat together in the evening. These clothes don’t need ironing. You should rest, Grandma.”

“You’re never at home. If the clothes are left hanging, they’ll get damp. They need some sun, so you won’t get skin diseases when you wear them,” Analise said with a smile, radiating happiness. “I’ve taken the blankets and quilts out to air them. Next time you need to change them, just do it directly. After I return, you must take good care of yourself and not forget to eat, no matter how busy you are.” She continued to fuss.

“I know.” At that moment, Abigail felt that the grievances she had suffered from Cornelie and Sean’s sides had disappeared instantly.

After she went to her room and closed the door, she became even more determined that she had. done the right thing. Only Grandma will love and care for me, and only she will care about the little things in my life. Even if she urged me to get married, she was different from Sean’s grandmother. No matter how much injustice I suffered, I will always be comforted by Grandma. So, since Sean and his grandmother can’t become my family who support me emotionally, why should I bother trying to please them? I must work hard for Grandma to cure her illness and buy a good house. When she needs someone to look after her, I can bring her to my side for easy care.

As evening approached, she received a call from Kevin. “What’s up?” she asked him calmly while researching.

In a soft voice, he asked, “Abigail, did you fight with Sean? Old Mrs. Graham is in the hospital. Why aren’t you taking care of her?”

“How is she?” she asked instinctively.

“She seems fine, but Sean asked me to come over and take a look. Joan is here too, and she’s having a great chat with Old Mrs. Graham. You’re in trouble.” He sounded anxious.

“Oh, is there anything else?” she asked him.

After a moment of hesitation, he asked her seriously, “Old Mrs. Graham said she found a traditional medicine doctor for you out of goodwill. Why didn’t you explain the matter about your complaint to Sean?”

“You know, people only believe what they want to believe,” she said indifferently, fl*pping through her materials.

“Alright, then. I’ll talk to you later.” He immediately understood her difficulties.

Not long after the call ended, Sean returned home. Analise had been peering out the door several times, and when she saw him return, she said with joy, “You’re back. Come wash your hands and

have dinner.”

“I’ll take a rain ch*ck this time, Grandma. I’ve already eaten. I’ll just talk to Abigail for a bit and then head back to work,” he told her politely.

A look of disappointment appeared on her face, but she still said with a smile, “You guys seem busy. Well, alright then.” In reality, she felt his distant and somewhat cold attitude beneath his polite facade.

When Sean entered the bedroom, he closed the door and looked at Abigail with an icy gaze.

At the same time, she swirled her chair to look at him and said, “I asked about it, and your grandma is fine. So, what do you wanna say? I’m all ears.”

“She’s fine this time, but what about next time?” he asked, suppressing his anger.

With an icy gaze, she replied calmly, “There won’t be a next time, Sean.”

“Your purpose of returning wasn’t to visit them at all, right? You just went back to get the property deed for the house,” he questioned, still restraining his anger.

“Think however you want,” she replied, then turned to her books.

As he walked up to her, he closed her book forcefully. “You said you’d keep up the act. Have you forgotten that promise already?”

Ignoring his question, she raised her head to look at him, her eyes filled with coldness. “I asked you to run a background ch*ck on the doctor who pricked me. Have you done it?”


The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

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"The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail" is a captivating novel written by Sean and Abigail, a talented author duo known for their poignant storytelling and complex character development. Set in the affluent backdrop of New York City, the novel delves into the lives of the elite, exploring themes of love, ambition, and the facades people construct to protect themselves.

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Read The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail - The story centers around the character of Victoria, a woman who appears to lead a picture-perfect life as the wife of a successful Wall Street executive, James. However, beneath the surface, their marriage is crumbling. James is consumed by his work, leaving Victoria feeling neglected and unfulfilled. Victoria's discontentment leads her to seek solace in an unexpected friendship with a mysterious artist named Gabriel. Their connection is immediate and intense, providing Victoria with the emotional support and understanding she craves.

The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail

In essence, "The Spare Wife" is a beautifully crafted novel that offers a compelling exploration of human relationships in the context of wealth, ambition, and societal expectations. Through vivid prose and deeply developed characters, Sean and Abigail deliver a story that resonates long after the final page is turned. It serves as a reminder that even in the most privileged circles, true happiness and fulfillment can remain elusive, requiring introspection, courage, and sometimes painful sacrifices to attain.

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The Spare Wife Novel Sean and Abigail


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