The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role Chapter 51

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role Chapter 51

Chapter 51 It Gets Out of Hand 


The staff in the backstage quickly called David and asked him to take a look at the live screen, where the comments from netizens were


David leaned closer to his phone, watching the lively chat room in Tucker’s live stream.

The color on the face gradually turned black.

But it was only à moment, and he regained his composure.

‚ÄúLet¬†things¬†ferment¬†and¬†see¬†how¬†the¬†Horton¬†family¬†handles¬†it.¬†We¬†closed him¬†off¬†too¬†early,¬†which¬†makes¬†it¬†even¬†more¬†suspicious.‚ÄĚ

David was right. If we turn it off now, it will confirm the fact that Valerie was beaten.

Tucker grabbed the hand of the blanket and started exerting force gradually.

But Valerie’s timid gaze made him release his hands…


In the end, he approached Valerie and gently touched her head with


The resentment in the eyes began to gradually accumulate…

Valerie glanced at the staff still outside, hesitated for a moment, and


Chapter 51 it Gets Out of Hand



Tucker immediately approached the crew to inquire about medication. The staff, without saying a word, slightly adjusted the camera.

They didn’t let the people in the live broadcast see what they looked like when they took the medicine.


What’s the point of turning the camera when the medicine on the upper arm is not a problem anymore?

Isn’t this just a case of “having no silver here, three hundred taels“?

So. Valerie was really beaten?

I don’t know, but judging from the child’s appearance, it is possible.



They all chose to remain silent.

Tucker took the ointment from the crew and approached Valerie, who was nestled in the blanket, obediently extending her arm.

Tucker didn’t say a word, furrowing his brow as he applied it to her little by little.

This arm had more than just the wound he saw, there were also bruises of various sizes in other places.

Chapter 51 It Gets Out of Hand

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Is he looking carefully now and still doesn’t understand what caused



Valerie felt a bit guilty as she watched Tucker carefully administer medicine to himself. She opened her mouth, but said nothing.

I found myself not knowing what to say.

This matter eventually became crazy

Bruce, who was still in a deep sleep, was abruptly awakened by the urgent and incessant ringing of the telephone.

Struggling to get up, there was a bundle of anger in his heart after being awakened by the noise.


Frustrated, Bruce muttered these three words and wanted to lie back down again.

On the other end of the phone, regardless of Bruce’s mood, he nervously whispered to Bruce.

‚ÄúMr.¬†Horton!¬†Something¬†terrible¬†has¬†happened.¬†The¬†news¬†about¬†Ms.¬†Horton‚Äôs¬†injury¬†has¬†gone¬†viral¬†on¬†the¬†internet!¬†They¬†are¬†saying¬†they¬†want¬†to¬†find¬†out¬†if¬†the¬†wounds¬†on¬†Ms.¬†Horton‚Äôs¬†b*dy¬†were¬†caused¬†by¬†being¬†beaten,¬†and¬†they¬†are¬†even¬†suggesting¬†that the¬†Horton¬†family¬†is¬†abusing¬†their¬†children‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

Bruce is no longer tired.

The cold water on his mind instantly made him wide awake.

‚ÄúWhat¬†did¬†you say?¬†We,¬†the¬†Horton¬†family,¬†abused¬†children???‚ÄĚ

Chapter 51 It Gets Out of Hand

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As clever as he was, he could also guess what was going on.

‚ÄúTsk!¬†Why¬†does¬†this¬†Valerie¬†always¬†go¬†looking¬†for¬†trouble?¬†Why¬†is¬†she¬†so desperate¬†for¬†attention???‚ÄĚ

Bruce was really angry.

If my own dad found out about this, the show would have been immediately ruined!

He put on his coat and went to the door of Kieran’s room.


The door to Kieran’s room opened quickly.

Kieran, who was tying his tie, glanced at Bruce, who still had messy hair.


Kieran spoke casually, but Bruce was not like that. He quickly explained the cause of the matter.

Before he could finish speaking, Kieran’s face immediately turned ugly. He didn’t even want to continue fighting, let alone finish tying his tie.

He dropped down and sat on the chair, scrutinizing Bruce.




Chapter 51 It Gets Out of Hand

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‚ÄúI¬†don‚Äôt¬†want¬†to¬†hear¬†your¬†explanation¬†right¬†now.¬†As¬†far¬†as¬†I¬†know,¬†this¬†program¬†of¬†yours¬†was¬†intended¬†for¬†Zoe,¬†but¬†you¬†delayed¬†it¬†for¬†a¬†long¬†time¬†due to¬†poor¬†conditions.¬†Since¬†you¬†were able¬†to¬†delay¬†it¬†for¬†Zoe,¬†is¬†it¬†so¬†difficult¬†for¬†you to¬†wait¬†until¬†Valerie¬†recovers?¬†Do¬†you¬†not¬†realize¬†that¬†she¬†is¬†also¬†your¬†sister?!‚ÄĚ

Kieran had been feeling down these past few days from watching livestreams, and now with this incident, he immediately exploded into a furious scolding of Bruce.

While speaking, she picked up the bedside file and threw it fiercely at Bruce.

He was excited, his chest rising and falling, as he recalled Valerie’s attitude toward him and how he had faced Tucker.

This contrast made Kieran’s mood even worse.

Bruce knew he was in the wrong, so he didn’t dodge when Kieran threw the documents at him.


Seeing his younger brother not saying a word, but only bowing his head in a remorseful manner, Kieran eventually softened his heart.

With a heavy sigh, I finally chose to help Bruce solve this matter.

Bruce looked at Kieran, who was willing to help him, and felt slightly relieved in his heart.

‚ÄúWell‚Ķ¬†Big¬†brother,¬†I‚Äôll¬†go¬†and¬†have¬†my people¬†over¬†there¬†control¬†public¬†opinion¬†first.‚ÄĚ

Chapter 51 It Gets Out of Hand

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Without waiting for Kieran’s response, he immediately fled from his study.

Kieran gave a disdainful look at his younger brother and immediately took out his phone to call his own secretary.

‚ÄúFind¬†out who bullied¬†the¬†girl¬†at¬†school¬†in¬†the¬†past,¬†and¬†send¬†over¬†the¬†complete¬†background information¬†of¬†those¬†individuals‚Äė¬†families.‚ÄĚ

The secretary, in a daze, was assigned a task by her own boss early in the morning, but she still foolishly took on the job.

He didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation until he saw the event gaining high popularity online.

Speeding up the search in hand, it is necessary to provide the boss with a satisfactory outcome.

At the same time, Abbigail was also awakened.

She was sleeping soundly, but she was directly disturbed by the phone charging at the bedside, and couldn’t fall asleep.

‚ÄúWhat¬†are¬†you¬†doing!!¬†Can‚Äôt¬†you talk¬†about¬†it¬†at¬†school?!‚ÄĚ


Abbigail calmed down her emotions, she only heard the last sentence.

‚ÄúDid¬†the¬†situation escalate?¬†What¬†does¬†that¬†mean?‚ÄĚ

The biggest thing among this group of sisters now was that they fought with Valerie.


Chapter 51 # Gets Out of Hand

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Abbigail’s limbs instantly turned cold…

She lay motionless on the bed.

My mind was still in a mess, and for a moment, I didn’t know what to


It seems like we need to determine the authenticity of this matter.

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role

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The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role is an amazing novel about Valerie Horton‚Äôs and Kieran Horton.¬†In Valerie Horton‚Äôs previous life, she was the eldest daughter of the Horton family, one of the wealthiest families in Capstead. Yet, one day, her little sister went missing, and Valerie was cast out for not watching after her.¬†From then on, Valerie had to live on her own. On her 20th birthday, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. A few months later, she died of grief.¬†Fortunately, Valerie got to wake up in her 7-year-old self. Inside the little girl‚Äôs b*dy was a mature soul. Because of what she had gone through in her previous life, she decided to give up on gaining her family‚Äôs love this time. Instead, she was determined to leave and stay away from her three brothers.¬†With the knowledge she learned in her previous life, Valerie managed to secure a good living despite her young age.¬†On the day she told her family that she was leaving, however, her three brothers stopped her.¬†Kieran Horton, her eldest brother, pleaded, ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt go, Valerie. I‚Äôll give you whatever you want as long as you stay with us.‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role

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