The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role Chapter 154 (2)

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role Chapter 154 (2)

Chapter 154 Mother (2) 

According to his observation, Eddie would appear in front of the open space on the floor during the daytime on weekends, practicing jump


At that time, his mother also went to buy groceries.

And the high school girl living alone upstairs also went out without knowing what to do.

However, this is not important. What is important is to catch the smaller one first…

He might not be able to carry the big one either.

The plan to catch the high school girl was completely shattered after meeting Eddie.

Just wait for him to come down and jump rope.

Sarah, who was at Phil’s house, brewed two cups of tea and approached Beatrice.


Put the water cup in Beatrice’s hand

She would drink by herself when she was thirsty.

Sarah smiled and looked out the window with her.

The sky outside the window was gloomy and heavy, as if a heavy feeling was about to fall down.




Chapter 154 Mother (2)

40 Vouchers

This kind of stuffy and anxious weather made Sarah feel inexplicably restless and uncomfortable.

After the heart skipped a few beats, a chill spread from the heart to the entire chest.

Made Sarah feel extremely uncomfortable.

She reached out and rubbed her heart to ease herself.

Suddenly, the cold hands felt a gentle warmth.

Sarah turned her head in surprise and looked at Beatrice.

She looked at Sarah calmly.

But the warmth in her hands made Sarah extremely happy.


With both hands wrapped around Beatrice’s hand, Sarah slowly explained.

The air outside was damp and humid

Even with the window open, there was no wind, only a sticky and stuffy heat.

The man in the car was bored and scrolling through his phone, while also keeping an eye on the surroundings outside.

His fingers flew up and down, watching the video in his hand…


Suddenly, the man watching the video straightened his back. He blinked rapidly, and his mouth opened in shock.





Chapter 154 Mother (2)

On the video, there was Sarah’s photo prominently displayed.


He was a bit confused, and his back was covered in cold sweat.


Suddenly, he let out a cold laugh, his eyes turning bloodshot.

If the person I was making eye contact with was Sarah.

So, who was the person you usually observed in the morning?

A true solitary female high school student?

He incredulously rubbed his chin.

So there were three of them?

Two of them should have good looks… and they are old enough.

This sudden surprise made the man burst into laughter.

He looked at Sarah’s face on his phone again.

40 Vouchers

It was indeed beautiful. This delicate and tender, it’s true that children from wealthy families are different.

Before selling them themselves, they could still extort a sum of money from the wealthy family.

It felt beautiful just thinking about it.

The man’s mind had already begun to fantasize about his upcoming life of luxury and extravagance.






Chapter 154 Mother (2)

40 (Vouchers

Everyone who laughed turned evil.


Thinking like this, the man’s gaze focused on that open space.

Today, I quietly took away one small thing, and as for the rest, I had my own way to catch them.

Sitting next to Beatrice, Sarah suddenly felt a bit breathless. She stood up and only then realized that her heart had been beating as fast and intensely as it could.

A strong sense of foreboding left her unsure of what to do.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a red figure appear outside the window.

It was Eddie holding the skipping rope.

Sarah felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave.

She strongly felt the scent of danger permeating downstairs.

Hastily¬†reached for¬†the¬†anti‚Äďwolf weapon¬†in¬†hand.

She stood up, feeling both nervous and scared.

We need to bring Eddie back!

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role

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The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role is an amazing novel about Valerie Horton‚Äôs and Kieran Horton.¬†In Valerie Horton‚Äôs previous life, she was the eldest daughter of the Horton family, one of the wealthiest families in Capstead. Yet, one day, her little sister went missing, and Valerie was cast out for not watching after her.¬†From then on, Valerie had to live on her own. On her 20th birthday, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. A few months later, she died of grief.¬†Fortunately, Valerie got to wake up in her 7-year-old self. Inside the little girl‚Äôs b*dy was a mature soul. Because of what she had gone through in her previous life, she decided to give up on gaining her family‚Äôs love this time. Instead, she was determined to leave and stay away from her three brothers.¬†With the knowledge she learned in her previous life, Valerie managed to secure a good living despite her young age.¬†On the day she told her family that she was leaving, however, her three brothers stopped her.¬†Kieran Horton, her eldest brother, pleaded, ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt go, Valerie. I‚Äôll give you whatever you want as long as you stay with us.‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role

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The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role


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