The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 210

The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi Chapter 210

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Chapter 210 


He kissed me and all I could think of in that moment was how much I didn’t want it to end. I could have pushed him away, he gave me more than enough time to do so but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I couldn’t bring myself to utter the words stopped because as much as I pretended not to, I craved him. I wanted him in a way that I could not understand. I wasn’t sure if it was the mate bond or something else but I couldn’t find Ryker. I neither had the energy nor the willpower to do so

There was something captivating about Ryker and it went past the mate bond. I wasn’t sure if it was how gentle he had been with me, how patient he was or how he strived to push me without crossing my boundaries. He was the perfect man and I knew he could have anyone he wanted but he wanted me. He patiently waited for me. That alone was more than enough reason for me to kiss him back

His hands settled on my hips as he pulled me impossibly closer to him. I was gripping the collar of his dress shirt for dear life as his tongue slipped into my mouth. A moan left my lips and he devoured the sound with ease. His kiss was a claim, it was a brand and if any part of me doubted that I belonged to this man, it was gone like the wind. It completely disappeared

My hands found themselves moving of their own accord as they slipped up his chest to his shoulders before finally wrapping themselves at the back of his neck. He let out a groan as my nails grazed the hair there. That sound was like a catalyst, I wanted more of it so I repeated the motion again. He cursed against my lips before pulling back from me. I was panting as I stared deep into his eyes that were now no less than bottomless swirls of lust and desire. He ran his thumb down my bottom lip ever so gently before pushing it into my mouth

You’re fucking gorgeous,he whispered as his eyes grazed my lips. I was sure they looked just as red and swollen as his did. The image of it in my head alone was enough to have me clenching my thighs

Before I could stop myself, I wrapped my lips around his finger and sucked on it hard. His answering groan reverberated round the room. He pulled back like I had burned him before walking us backwards until my knees hit the edge of the bed and then he paused. His self control was admirable because I couldn’t have brought myself to stop if I were him, I didn’t want him to stop. There was no other thought in my head right now except for him. I felt like I was on fire and yet he somehow had the know how to pause

Camilla,he said my name like it pained him to do so, like it took a considerable amount of strength. The goddess knows how much I want this but I need to be sure. I need to know that you will not just run out on me.” 

I won’t,I assured him but he shook his head

I need you to say it. I need you to tell me this is what you want or I swear I will stop. I don’t want to do this until I am very sure that this is what you want. I need to hear your words.” 

It was admirable that he was heavy on the topic of consent. He wanted this badly and it would have hurt him to stop but I knew he would have, he never joked with the idea of consent. I want this. I want you and I am not going to run from you.” 

He uttered something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like thank the goddess before kissing me again. His hands were anywhere and everywhere all at once eliciting a path of flames as they moved around my body. I felt him work on the knots behind my dress and in record time, he had it pooled on the ground beneath us. I barely had time to recover from that before I heard a loud ripping sound. I pulled back long enough for the chemise I was wearing to give way

Without thinking, my hands came to hold it up. I was completely naked underneath it. It was the last remaining barrier between us and he was fully clothed. He was looking at me like he wanted to devour me and while I didn’t quite have a problem with that, I couldn’t stop the instinctual nature. He frowned at my hands but did nothing to pull them apart. Instead, he slowly turned me around sq’that my back was pressed into his chest

I could feel just how hard he was and my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head. I tried to keep my gaze on the bed in front of me knowing exactly what was going to happen on it but all thoughts flew out of my head when he pressed an open mouthed kiss to my collarbone. I hissed arching my back into him as he continued to pepper the length of my neck and collarbone with kissed


Chapter 210 

Ryker,I moaned and his hands gripped onto my waist tighter. What are you doing?” 

Kissing you, isn’t it obvious?his words were laced with mirth and amusement but there was nothing remotely amusing about the way he lit my skin on fire

His lips closed around ny mark and a loud moan left my lips. My hands that were previously holding onto my chemise for dear life let go as I lifted my hands to wrap around his neck. That was exactly what he was looking for because no sooner than the moment I did that, he trailed his hands up my sides and cupped my breasts. He let out a shaky breath by my ear and I felt my core weep in response

Fuck, you feel even better than I remember,he whispered as he tweaked my nipples ever so slightly. He was barely touching me and yet I felt like I had been wound up so badly. I want you in my mouth.” 

Before I could process what he had said, he turned me around before laying me flat on the bed. He pulled what was left of my chemise off my feet before climbing over me and claiming my nipple into his mouth. His teeth grazed against the hard bud and I could have reached my orgasm there and then. I felt so starved and he was like a drug pumping through my veins at record speed. It felt too good, too much and I couldn’t have enough

While he sucked on one stiff bud, he lavished the other with attention from his fingers. All I could do was grip his hair while trying my hardest not to cum from just his mouth on me. Ryker seemed lost in the motions because soon he was placing open mouthed kisses all over my torso and stomach. With every kiss, he moved lower until he was nipping at the skin of my thighs. I had a faint idea of what was coming next but I didn’t fully process it until he parted my legs and licked me

Oh, fuck!I screamed. I felt Ryker chuckle from his position between my legs. He pulled back to watch my face and my cheeks heated in embarrassment. You don’t have to do that.” 

I wouldn’t if I didn’t want to,” he said simply before burying his face in my thighs

He feasted on me, never giving me more than a few seconds to catch my breath. It was clear that what he was doing was more for his pleasure than for mine. He enjoyed what he was doing which somehow made the thing more erotic than it should be. He sucked on my clit hard and I could feel myself reaching for that bliss but before I could get there, he pulled back. I whined in protest as he stood to his feet but I noticed that he was shedding his clothes

The first time you cum today will be on my cock, do you understand me?my mouth dried up so all I could muster was a nod. He leaned forward to grab my chin. That’s not enough, I need words, Camilla.” 

Yes,” I managed out. My voice was barely over a whisper but that was enough for him because he kissed me softly before pulling back long enough to shed his clothes

Ryker had a body built for sin. He looked like a man hand carved by the goddess herself and my mouth watered as I stared at him. As soon as he shed the last of his clothes, I couldn’t stop myself for reaching for him. His surprise was palpable, he had been the one to take the lead and yet this time, I couldn’t stop myself

Our kiss was a clash of teeth and tongue. I wanted everything and I was tired of pretending I didn’t, tired of pretending like this man was not the absolute love of my life and the man that I wanted. I needed to tell him the truth

Ryker,I mumbled pulling away from the kiss. I need to tell you something.” 

Tell me after I have my dick inside of you,he groaned laying us both on the bed

Ryker- oh,” the words died on my throat when I felt him nudge my entrance. I was soaking wet and there he was, hard and proud. He pushed into me ever so slowly stopping when the head was in

What did you want to say?he asked and I nearly punched him. All thought had died out of my mind. This is your last chance to say something, Camilla. I like to pride myself on my self control but even that isn’t unbreakable.” 

Just shut up and fuck me,I muttered and he whispered something that sounded like thank fuck before pushing into me in one quick and blinding thrust



Chapter 210 

Whatever you want, baby.” 





The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi

The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: November 22, 2023 Native Language: English

The Rejected Werewolf Princess by Didiadeyemi

Camilla, a young omega stripper struggling to make ends meet, faces constant rejection and humiliation from her pack.On her 18th birthday, during an Alpha's party, she is publicly embarrassed when he realizes they are mates but rejects her in front of everyone.Desperate and humiliated, Camilla runs away into the forest and is saved by a pack of wolves, one of whom is her second chance mate, the notorious Alpha Ryker.As she gets to know Ryker and his pack, she discovers that their brutal reputation is merely rumors.All is going well when she realizes that she is the crux of a prophecy. Her power hungry ex mate finds out as well and decides he wants her back for himself. Two Alphas,One prophecy,One lost princessWhat could possibly go wrong?


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