The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya Chapter 414

The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya Chapter 414

189 Ayla 

Is Sam okay? I worry for himTo my relief Eliza, one of the middle- aged women in the pack was the one that stopped me. She was a widower like Sam

With how she asked me if Sam was okay I wondered if there was more to it. Sometimes two wolves who both lost their mates fall in love. I dont know if I could ever love someone knowing they would never love me like they loved their mate. Then again if Griffin would die young, I would never be able to love anyone as much as I loved him. Maybe it would work out, it didn’t matter anyway. Even if Eliza liked Sam as something more than a friend, it was not up to me. I wasn’t about to meddle in their lives. And I wasn’t about to tell her what it was exactly 

that Sam told me either

I think the situation with Cynthia hurts him, and he could use a friend. I tell her because everyone knew about the situation with Cynthia and how much it hurt him

Eliza quickly made her way over to Sam, no longer interested in speaking with me. Which was fine by me, I was looking for Griffin anyway. It was not like him to disappear out of my sight during a pack party. It was not that I was worried, I just missed him, and I wanted to get some cotton candy with him. As I was looking for him two hands covered my eyes



189 Ayla 

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Guess who?This time I recognized the voice, the scent, and even the hands on my face felt familiar enough for me to know who this was

I would say the most perfect mate there ever was, but if that were the case you would have brought me cotton candyI joked as I turned around to face Griffin

Who grabbed his chest in mock hurt, as if my words cut him deep. I knew him well enough by now. His eyes were sparkling with love and mischief. I loved how we evolved from the beginning, riddled with insecurities from both of us. To the point where we could just joke around and tease each other like this

Let me redeem myself and get you some cotton candy then.I was surprised to see Griffin turning on his heels the moment he promised to get me cotton candy

Until he hoisted me on his back giving me a piggyback ride to the cotton candy stand. I couldn’t stop giggling not even when at least half the pack- was staring at us. Most seemed amused though. Unlike at the Blood Moon pack, we as pack rulers didn’t have to keep up with a ton of stupid rules here. We didn’t have to be seen as the serious, strong. elegant ones. Here at the Silver Moon pack we were more than the future Alpha and Luna we were a young, newly mated couple too, we could be a daughter and son. A sister, a friend and it was one of the things I loved most about our pack

Since we could not allow humans on pack grounds, especially not 



shifts, so they could all get to just enjoy the party without working too. Chris had just started his shift. He chuckled as he saw us arrive and when Griff wouldn’t let go of me he just handed me the cotton candy as I was still clinging to Griffin

I had set it up so that everyone worked onehour 

so and they still seemed to enjoy the 

members to man the 

I’m so glad, you and mom hired pack members to work the booths. It is nice we can just be ourselvesGriffin mentioned as he finally put me back on solid ground again

It made me think about his gamer friends and their notsosubtle hints they had not been invited to our wedding yet. And how they would love to be a part of it. Even without fully knowing what was going on even without knowing what had happened to me they had been so kind and supportive. That I felt like we could truly consider them friends. But to be absolutely certain we needed to meet all of them first

Baby, talking about humans now everything has settled down don’t you think it is time to meet the rest of the gamer guys?I asked Griffin because it felt like now was the ideal time

Griffin could just go on his own so I could keep up with my education. All partners would only come over for the last day of the weekend they had been planning. I wasn’t far along in the pregnancy so it wasn’t like I needed a lot of help yet. And if I would be further along in the pregnancy my hormones would only make me miss him more to the point where it would be almost unbearable. So all in all this seemed like 



189 Ayla 

the best time to do so

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I think you’re right but I can always ask them if you can come along for the entire weekend if you want to. I we can make it fit into the 

m sure tour scheduleGriffin agreed with me, and I knew he didn’t like leaving me behind either

Wolves hardly ever plan to meet up with someone without their mate for more than a day because we would miss each other so much. For most humans, this constant need to be together is weird, unhealthy even and it makes being friends who do not know what we are harder. Even the ones that know about werewolves do not fully understand. In the end, Griffin agrees with me it would be better if we stuck to the original plan. the guys made. Back when Griffin was scared he would have to be with a chosen mate. With a chosen mate it wouldn’t be that hard to be away from her for a few days

This time we felt like we had to stay until the party started to dwindle down. It would look bad if the future King and Queen would always leave parties early to retreat to their own chambers. People could- interpret it as us not wanting to spend time with the pack. Even if that wasn’t the case I just managed to find the most introverted pack ruler in the history of werewolves. For now, this situation with Cynthia did not harm our reputation but all four of us were very aware of how bad this could turn out to be. She wasn’t a real threat in terms of her actually hurting me, she had been far too smart. Everything she did was calculated to make sure none of it was enough to be punished. She would make sure there were not a lot of witnesses if any. And it gave her the possibility to twist what happened to make me look bad. It would 



189 Ayla 

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suit her plan to get rid of me, even if I wasn’t going anywhere. David, Hannah, and Jason had tried to keep me from Griffin. They had tried to break us up before we marked each other and they had been. unsuccessful. So there was nothing a silly girl like Cynthia could really do, we just didn’t want to give her the opportunity to cause more drama


The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya the Author

The Prince’s Unwilling mate by Mutya the Author

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/9/2024 Native Language: English
"The Prince's Unwilling Mate" by Mutya the Author is a captivating paranormal romance novel that unfolds the story of a reluctant union between a prince and his unexpected mate, navigating challenges, secrets, and the complexities of a supernatural world.  

The Prince's Unwilling mate by Mutya the Author

Ayla Hemming is proud of her human heritage, her great-grandmother was a rare human mate. She doesn't care that the human blood causes her to be small for a werewolf. Her loving family, best friends Jessa and David are always there for her. Having the Alpha's son as best friend helps with the gossiping. The only thing left for Ayla to wish for is for David to be her fated mate. On his 18th Birthday David finds out they are indeed fated mates, but he rejects her. How can the runt of the pack ever be the Luna a strong pack like the Bloodmoon's needs. Ayla's heart breaks, and now without reason to stop gossiping, she is the joke of the pack. After a year of begging her parents to let her live with her grandparents at the White Oak pack, they reluctantly agree under one condition. Crown Prince Griffin Taylor's got the mark telling his fated mate died before meeting her on his 1st birthday. 20 years later he needs to find a chosen mate to rule the kingdom with. So all unmated she-wolves have to attend a ball so he can choose. Ayla's parents force her to go, promising that if he doesn't choose her she can change packs. She agrees figuring if she is seen as too weak to be a Luna no one would want her as a Queen. She never considered her and Griffin are second chance mates, she is ready for a second rejection. But the Crown Prince isn't about to reject her. He is deadset on proving Ayla that true loves and mates exist. Leaving Ayla to deal with a stubborn Crown Prince, a former mate with regrets and a bunch of jealous she-wolves. When all she wants is to blend in.


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