The Luna’s Choice (Theo and Ayla) by Kat Silver Chapter 21

The Luna’s Choice (Theo and Ayla) by Kat Silver Chapter 21

Chapter 21Theo 

I had gone into town to meet with some local business owners. It was a routine catch–up to see how the pack was doing. It was something I actually looked forward to. They were all good, hard–working people, and it was nice to hear about their day-to-day lives and how they were fairing under our protection. These things reminded me that being an Alpha wasn’t all about power. We had a responsibility to the people we led. Without them, an Alpha’s aura meant nothing.

It was also nice to get away from the packhouse and all the usual faces.

My parents had come back from the lake house with me. My mother was spending time with Kylee and Marie working on planning the ceremony, per Kylee’s insistence. My father was addressing some of the administrative aspects of the pack, including checking in on the several businesses our family controlled. We would get together that evening and go over any updates. It would be a long day. But it was a good one, and I went into it in a better mood than I had been in weeks.

The meetings always took place at my parent’s restaurant so as not to put anyone out with the responsibility of hosting.

It’s business as usual for the most part,” Ozzy Evans said. He owned our biggest contracting company and oversaw lot of the housing in the area. “We haven’t had any major incidents recently. Just few run–ins with some teenagers vandalizing few placesbut it was all minor damage.” 

That’s good to hear,” saidWhat happened with the 


culpritsThey must not have been too difficult to deal with. I haven’t seen any of them come across my desk.” 

Yeahthey were just kids being kids for the most part,” Ozzy confirmed. Just not having enough to do with school being out. Once tracked them down, between me and their mothersthey were eager to clean up their act. We got them signed up in some classes down at the community center.”

I nodded. “Good.”

“There was that one tenant you told me about, Ozzy,” Mrs. Clayborn said. She owned the local hardware and gardening


“Oh, yeah, strange guy,” Ozzy replied, scratching the back of his n*eck. “He liked to ask questions, but he seemed harmless enough. Just bit awkward, I guess.”

He made it sound like the guy was a stranger. I was about to ask for more details when we heard the sirens wailing outside. We all stood up and headed to the front of the building. I stepped out to try and get an idea of where they were coming and going.

It didn’t take long to figure it out. Fire trucks and an ambulance flew down the streetheading toward a plume of smoke billowing into the skyIt looked like it was coming from the library.

started running toward the building. was only few streets 

away and would be faster on foot than navigating through traffic in vehicle

was there in less than five minutes and confirmed the library was up in flames. I rushed to the entrancehelping guide 


more people as they rushed outThe flames seemed to be concentrated in the back of the building. Several stairwells on that side led to different floors that held officesI ran up to the fire captainand his men started hooking up hoses and getting to work. Some were already inside looking for anyone who needed help.

started calling out orders, trying to organize those who were now outside, figuring out who needed medical attention, and reigning back the bystanders that had begun to congregate.

“Alpha Theo,” some called behind me.

I turned to see Sarah Walport rushing toward me. We had gone to high school together.

“Alpha Theo, my mother is still in there. She works the desk down in the archives. I don’t know if she can get out,” Sarah said desperately.

We’ll get someone down there,” I said. “Stay here.”

I relayed the information to the captain. He radioed the information to the others inside.

“They’re bringing out a few right now, but they’ve got their hands full. They’ll have to go back to check for her.”

I made split–second decision and bolted into the building. Entering through the side entrancecrouched low to take the scene of the building.

The smoke was thick and heavy toward the backbut wasn’t far from the stairwell that led to the lower levelshifted into my wolf to keep low to the ground better and made my way to the basementcould barely see anything when got down


Chapter 21: Theo

thereand the heat was intenseIt seemed like this may have been where the fire started.

crawled along the wall, trying to remember where the desk was and feeling around for any sign of anyone. I felt the hand before I saw her. Trying to calm my coughing, I nudged her to get a response. She must have passed out from the smoke. I gripped the back of her shirt with my jaws, dragging her toward the stairs. When I reached the base, I shifted back. I couldn’t get her up the stairs with my wolf while she was unconscious

Within minutes I was rushing back out of the library just as my vision started to fade, and I was thoroughly lightheaded. Someone met me and grabbed the woman from my arms. I fell to the ground in a coughing fit, trying to pull in ragged breaths of clean air. Someone wrapped a blanket around me and maneuvered me further away from the building.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed when I heard the firefighters calling that they had managed to get the fire under control and doused the flames. I stood as Ozzy approached me with a pair of shorts.

There were only few ambulances still there. Most must have left with those who had experienced the more severe injuries. I had recovered enough to walk through the crowd, ensuring everyone was accounted for and attended to.

It was hours before everything settled down and the area cleared out, leaving only a handful of officials to start investigating and cleaning up. My mother had shown up to assist earlier, but we hadn’t had time to speak with each other as we cared for our peopleOnce things had settled enough, my mother came up and threw her arms around me.



Chapter 21: Theo 

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The Luna’s Choice (Theo and Ayla) by Kat Silver

The Luna’s Choice (Theo and Ayla) by Kat Silver

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 16, 2023 Native Language: English
The Novel The Luna’s Choice by Kat Silver is an classic luna novel story about theo and ayla. (new chapters every day) Ayla’s life has revolved around taking care of her mother and younger sister since the death of her father. She became the primary financial support when their mother started to fall apart and fall into some damaging habits. But Ayla was glad to play that role for her family, especially her little sister, Kylee. She made sure Kylee had everything she wanted from life and adored her. That was until she met her fated mate, Theo, the future Alpha who had already announced that he was taking Kylee as his chosen mate.

Summary of The Luna’s Choice (theo and ayla) by Kat Silver Novel

In an attempt to spare her sister a broken heart, she ends up in another pack, where she finds that her family history is much more complicated than she ever knew. And it is that history that has now put her life in danger. Theo didn’t know if he was ready to become Alpha. He thought he had a couple more years to learn what it took to be a good Alpha to his pack. But when his father decides to step down early due to failing health, Theo believes having a strong Luna by his side during the transition is vital to its success.

The Luna’s Choice (theo and ayla) by Kat Silver

So, when he finds his fated mate in the sister of the woman he had already chosen to be his Luna, he feels he has no choice but to reject her. He had been led to believe that she was a cold and selfish delinquent who abandoned Kylee and their mother. He couldn’t possibly have someone like that as his Luna. But when he can’t sever their bond, he quickly starts to question whether he had been completely wrong about Ayla and instead had managed to run his destined future straight into the arms of another Alpha or worse. Kat Silver is the author of The Luna’s Choice (theo and ayla) Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

Description Novels

Title The Luna’s Choice (Theo and Ayla) by Kat Silver
Author Kat Silver
Publisher InFormsWorld
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
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The Luna’s Choice (Theo and Ayla) by Kat Silver


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