The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 217

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 217

Chapter 0317 

Passively, some part of me is very grateful that Gran speaks a different language from us I want her to remember this as a nice day, not as the horrible afternoon it already is. 

You can bring along any lawsuit you want,Bruce says, giving a casual shrug as he meets 

Rafe’s eye. 

I didn’t do anything illegal. Can’t sue me for libel, I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.” 

You sold a story that wasn’t yours,Rafe points out, taking an aggressive step towards him. 

Luca’s story too, not just your girl’s, just because she’s high class 

Watch yourself,Jesse snaps, stepping forward to glare at Bruce. 


All right,Grant says, slowly raising his hands and silently admitting that he’s crossed a line. You got me there, that was a step too far towards disrespect. But Luca passed me power of attorney for all decisions regarding his public image years ago,he says, gesturing 

over at his nephew. 

Luca’s face goes a bit pale as he realizes that this is true, his mouth falling open. 

And,Grant says, all I said was that Luca was mated to Princess Ariel. It was a story about him, about his life. I have every right to do that.” 

Rafe takes a deep breath and I see the thoughts passing over his face. He frowns because he’s a bit out of his league here when it comes to these sorts of laws. “I’m not sure we’re too worried about the specifics,Rafe says evenly, dismissing Bruce’s point. What it comes down to, sir, is that you made an enemy of a very powerful man today, not to mention his entire family. I’m not sure you’ll find moving in this world very easy while Dominic Sinclair looks at you with disapproval.” 

Well,Bruce says with a sigh, lifting his chin a bit while he meets Rafe’s gaze, clearly holding his stance. I’ve operated long enough in this world without Dominic Sinclair looking my way at all. So, we’ll have to see how the future goes, whether or not the King approves of me.Bruce shifts his eyes to Luca now, who is still looking at him, devastated. I did what I did for my boy here. And if I go down having put a significant sum in his pocket, and setting him on the right path for his future?” He nods once, steady. I’ll take it.” 

and needing to 

My heart hurts now, as I finally figure it out, as I look between Bruce and Luca and remember everything Bruce said last night about Luca having a short career, make what money he can now before someone younger and stronger comes to replace him. 

+15 BONUS 

And even though I wouldn’t have done it myselfI get it. 

Bruce Grant is a man who is fighting for his nephew, his family, to have everything in a new world in which their immigrant family has clearly struggled to build a life. 

And even if I can dislike that I am the one at whose expense this was earned…I can’t hate Bruce for it. BecausÄ™ I would fight just as hard for my family in his position. 1 

Why did you do it?The words fall from my mouth before I can even think about whether 

it’s wise for me to ask them. 

Everyone in the room turns towards me, and everyone looks grim. 

I did it,Grant says, holding my gaze, his voice gentler now, I think grateful to have the chance to spell out his reasonings. Because imagewise, Luca needs a boost. The boxing he’s got I’m not worried about that. But he’s built too much of his public image up around being a git and a playboy party animal, womanizer, whatever you want to call it.” 

Bruce waves a dismissive hand and Luca hangs his head. I have to work very hard not to move to my mate’s side right now; to 

omfort him when he hears the man he cares about so much say such nasty things about his image. 

So?I ask, keeping my focus on him. “What does being mated to me have to do with that?” 

You, miss,Bruce says, leaning forward and staring directly into my eyes. Are like buttermilk. Sweet, clean, and pure. And when the world sees the way he looks at you? How dedicated he is, how in love?he shakes his head. One single move, and this boy’s image problems are fixed. You saved him.” 


The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy

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(Sequel of Accidental Surrogate For Alpha. Can be read alone.) Ariel was looking forward to her arranged marriage as the perfect princess, only to discover that she was being seen merely as a surrogate. Determined to escape the impending wedding, Ariel found herself with nowhere to turn. Her brothers helped her disguise as a boy, and she entered the mysterious and formidable Alpha Academy. To her surprise, Ariel stumbled upon her mate within its walls, and not just one … but more? However, her outward identity remained that of a young man… Will her true identity be uncovered, and can Ariel survive the harsh trials of Alpha Academy?

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy


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