The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 216

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy Chapter 216

Chapter 0316 

Rafe immediately goes into Princemode, continuing to pat Gran on the back while looking up at Luca and quietly mouthing who is this?” 

Luca sighs and gestures towards her. Rafe, this is my Gran,he says. She’sa big fan.” 

Oh,Rafe says, his eyebrows going up, because of course we’ve heard a lot about Luca’s 

Gran at the Academy. Oh, with the cake!he says, laughing a little. And then, I think to everyone’s shock, he puts his hands on Gran’s shoulders and presses her away just a tiny bit. Surprised, Gran opens her eyes and looks up into his face

And then, in what sounds like perfect Itablio, Rafe says, per la torta. Lo amaro.” 


Gran gives a loud shout of joy and then starts to cry harder, pulling Rafe close again and tucking her face away against his stomach, crying hard into his shirt

Oh my god,Linda says, hastily putting down the iced tea and reaching for her. Mom, please 


No, it’s okay,Rafe says, holding out a hand towards Linda and giving her his best Princely smile. His other hand softly strokes Gran’s back in a comforting way. It’s fine. Thishappens sometimes.” 

And Linda laughs and rolls her eyes but gives a shrug, like he asked for it. Gran continues to cry softly, starting to pull herself together, as Luca looks awkwardly between all of us, and then over to his uncle

Rafe, Jesse,he says with a sigh, holding a hand out towards his coach. This is my uncle and my coach, Bruce Grant. Bruce, this is ” 

But Bruce just waves a hand at him, clearly indicating that he knows who they are, and Luca hangs his head. He doesn’t look at me anymore even though I stare up into his face

And it’s all the confirmation I need

I slowly loosen my arms from around Luca’s waist and take a step away from him, staring at the guilt in the lines of his posture, the sorrow. And then I turn my eyes to Bruce

So,I say, slowly, softly. You did it.” 

he says, crossing 

Bruce holds my gaze, his mothin, determined line. “Yes, miss Ariel,his arms as he leans back against a sideboard, at once casual and defensive. Yes, I did it. I told the press about your relationship with my nephew. And I’d do it again.” 

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Rafe glares, hard, at Bruce Grant, but he continues to stroke Gran’s back, clearly unwilling to push her away when she’s still overwhelmed. But this just makes space for Jesse to shine

Are you kidding me?Jesse growls, stepping forward loom over Bruce, who is an inch or two shorter than him. Bruce doesn’t flinch away, instead simply.looking at Jesse with a steady frown. “You had absolutely no right to spread that information to the press. God damn it, you selfish asshole, did you sell it!?” 

Of course I sold it,” Bruce snaps back, glaring at Jesse, not backing down. “I sold it in 

all the profits when to him.” 

Luca’s name 


Rafe gasps, and so does Jesse, and I look up at Luca with sadness in my eyes. Because I’m starting to put it together now- that Bruce did this without Luca’s permission

But still. Luca is the one reaping all the benefits, isn’t he

How much did he sell it for? I whisper, directly into Luca’s mind

Luca shifts his eyes to me, his face grim

Tell me, I command


Luca drops his eyes. There was a bidding war, he says, his voice echoing in my mind as Jesse and Bruce start to go at it, shouting at each other

And? I ask, prodding him to continue

And the final sum wasnorth of 1.5 million, Luca says, a sigh slipping through his lips

My eyes flare wide because….because that is one hell of a sum. And while I very much want Luca to have it especially considering that I have never once in my life wanted for money 

Buthis uncle made that money selling a story about me, didn’t he? And now it’s all in Luca’s pocket

God, this is complicated. More complicated than I ever thought it would be

Honestly, I didn’t know that a story about who I’m mated to could be worth so much. should have had a say in it. That money it could have gone to aid something, done 

something that Luca and I agreed on together

But now it’s justhis. His uncle took that opportunity from us and seized it all for him

And the realization that Luca pays his uncle’s salary does not pass me by either

but I‘ 

You can expect a lawsuit from this,Rafe says, drawing my attention back to the room as 

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he speaks for the first time. Gran has loosened herself from his waist now and is wiping at her face, bustling around the room and straightening pillows before dashing back to the kitchen, probably getting more refreshments

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy

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(Sequel of Accidental Surrogate For Alpha. Can be read alone.) Ariel was looking forward to her arranged marriage as the perfect princess, only to discover that she was being seen merely as a surrogate. Determined to escape the impending wedding, Ariel found herself with nowhere to turn. Her brothers helped her disguise as a boy, and she entered the mysterious and formidable Alpha Academy. To her surprise, Ariel stumbled upon her mate within its walls, and not just one … but more? However, her outward identity remained that of a young man… Will her true identity be uncovered, and can Ariel survive the harsh trials of Alpha Academy?

The Hidden Princess At All-Boys Alpha Academy


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