The Alpha Abandoned Bride Chapter 1

The Alpha Abandoned Bride Chapter 1

1. Another woman at the altar


“Congratulations to Logan and Jade on their wedding.”

I read inaudibly as I stared at the wedding poster of my mate and another woman.

I took in a deep breath and exhaled as I continued to stare at the poster photo of them. It couldn’t be, I thought to myself but it was more like an affirmation thought but the reality was in front of me.

“They’ve started already, let’s hurry.” Two ladies walked beside me, one of their arms brushed hard against mine and I almost lost my balance.

I managed to stand firmly and slowly walked into the garden, surprised by the turn of things. My breath hitched with each step I took.

Rose petals were on the pathway that led to the podium and there my mate was with another woman and the Lotus pack priest standing in between them.

Tonight was supposed to be my wedding with my mate, Logan Smith, soon-to-be Alpha of the Lotus pack but instead, I saw him standing with another at the podium. I was  getting prepared for my own wedding with him when I overheard someone’s conversation about Logan getting married to Jade.

I wanted to dismiss it at first but I couldn’t. It was until I arrived at the garden myself that I had seen it for myself that Logan was indeed going to marry Jade instead of me.

I walked slowly, ignoring the stares I got from the people in the audience while moving closer to the podium.

“Is that Isabel? What is she doing here and why is she in a wedding dress?” I heard someone utter in a hushed tone from the crowd but I couldn’t care about that.

“She must be a fool thinking that Logan would get married to her because they are each other’s mates. The fact a lowly omega like her who is nothing but a slave imagined that much,” another remarked.

I felt my chest tightened from those words but they didn’t stop me from making my way closer. I was still in shock.

“Why is she in a wedding dress and what is she doing here?” I heard another person say but my eyes were fixated on Jade, the woman who was standing next to Logan on the podium. That was supposed to be me. I was supposed to be the one standing close to him.

Jade Armstrong, daughter and heiress of the Blue Moon pack.  The woman Logan’s father had always wanted for him. The woman he vowed to never marry and worse she was the woman who bullied me the most, the woman who despised my very existence.

The Lotus pack and Blue Moon pack have been friends and allies and the Alphas of both packs have always looked forward to getting their children married but Logan has always been against it.

They’ve always wanted Jade and Logan to get married to strengthen their pack bond but things didn’t go as they wanted when Logan and I found out we were each other’s mates.

As I walked almost lifeless and closer to where Logan was, my eyes blurred with tears and I could see from my peripheral view the scornful look on the face of the people in the audience.

“I can’t stand her! Where are the guards? She needs to be thrown out!” I heard another voice.

Was it my fault that I was born a slave and the moon goddess had decided to mate me with a soon-to-be alpha? I recalled Logan’s vows to me the further I walked to the podium.

“I love you Isabel and I promise to protect you, care for you, love you, and be yours forever. The moon and the stars bear witness to this vow of mine to you.”

What have I done to Logan for him to jilt me on the day of our wedding? I didn’t want to conclude just yet and that was why I kept walking. I wanted to hear from him. I believed in his love for me so I felt there was an explanation to all of this.

“Logan loves you. I know it.” My wolf Esme said to me.

“Someone get her out of here! What is someone with a low status like her doing in a place like this and worse in a wedding dress! How ridiculous can she be! Does she think we are here for some drama? The effrontery of an omega slave,” I heard someone harshly say in a whisper but all of their words meant nothing to me.

It was nothing that I wasn’t used to. I have been humiliated, cursed at, spat on, beaten, and done worse to. These were just mere words.

“Do you Jade Armstrong take Logan Smith as your husband, in sickness and health, for rich and for poor, till death do you part?” The Lotus Priest pack asked.

“I do,” she replied and it felt like something had struck my chest. I couldn’t move my feet anymore. I froze in shock, the knots in my stomach tightened and my heart clenched.

The words of Logan’s father rang free in my head, the day he proposed to me at the solstice ball in front of millions.

“You can have your fun but you will never marry anyone I don’t choose. You will never be the future Luna of the pack. Someone as weak and low as you can’t be my son mate,” he had said and laughed before walking away.

It was then I felt someone grip on me. It was my father. I stared at him, my eyes filled with tears and my body almost trembling. My knees were starting to give up on me.

I was short of breath and I had zoned out completely and I began to gasp for air. Why was this happening? What sort of sick joke was this? None of it made sense. I wanted to let out a scream, to protest to everyone present about how absurd all this was but my mouth had failed, my body had completely failed and all I could do was stare at Logan.

“Do you Logan Smith take Jade Armstrong as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for rich and for poor, until death do you apart?” The priest asked and it was then Logan’s eyes had met mine.

Logan took a glance at me and I could see the coldness in his eyes. Those lovely silver eyes of his that melted my heart each time I looked at them weren’t lovely anymore.

He wasn’t looking like the man I loved. I tried to read him but I couldn’t. He had a blank expression on his face and he seemed so indifferent.

Logan’s eyes were still locked with mine and I was pleading for answers, expecting everything to be a dream and a fake. I expected him to leave the Podium, come up to me and k*ss me, to tell me that it’s still me and this was all an act.

Just as I waited to hear what Logan’s response would be, I felt an arm around me and I was forcefully pulled away. “Let me go!”

I struggled to get off the grip of the men that were rough-handling me, my eyes still on Logan and he was doing nothing, those cold eyes of his were still present.

I heard the sound of my dress tear and their strong grip on me hurt me. I was still looking at Logan, expecting him to fight for me like he usually does  but with his eyes still locked with mine, he replied, “I do.”

I felt my whole world crumbling around me. It wasn’t an imagination. It was all real and Logan was at the podium with Jade and they had just agreed to get married to each other.

“It’s done. With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may k*ss the bride.” The priest said.

“No!” I screamed out loud before I could think of it and just then, I blacked out from the shock of everything.

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The Alpha Abandoned Bride

The Alpha Abandoned Bride

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“I have never loved you, Isabel. I can’t. I mean why would I? A weak and useless omega like you? How could you even imagine being with me? Someone of my status with you? You dreamt too big,” he remarked to my face.If my heart was shattered already, I doubt it was there now because I couldn’t feel it from the burning pain I felt in my chest and stomach. “You… You said you loved me. You vowed to protect… me. You asked me to marry you under the moon and the stars asking the moon goddess to bear witness,” I replied, I couldn’t even hear my voice.He let out a small dry laugh. “I don’t. I won’t and it will never happen and so under the moon and stars with the moon goddess bearing witness, I, Logan Smith, reject Isabel Payne as my mate.”I was already hurt and broken but this made it even worse. I suddenly couldn’t breathe. It hurts so much. This is the worst type of pain I’ve ever felt.”Guards, take her away.” He ordered.—On the day of their wedding, Isabel arrives only to see Logan getting married to Jade Armstrong, the woman who had bullied her the most. What she also didn’t think would happen was finding out that she was carrying the babies of the man who had broken her heart.Four years later. Isabel and Logan meet again. Will the reason for Logan Jilting Isabel on their wedding day and marrying Jade be revealed? Will Logan finally learn that Isabel had given birth to twins for him? And will he also make amends with her, fight for his kids and claim Isabel as his own once again? Read to find out.


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