It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce by Coreal White Chapter 1

It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce by Coreal White Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Moans

Late at night, on a quiet highway, a champagne-colored RV smoothly rolled forward under the moonlight, followed by dozens of black cars, projecting a powerful and formidable presence.

In the RV’s living room, the tension was evident.

Alita Lewis, in a black suit, sat with her head down. She looked sharp and capable, with an oval face and pretty features. Despite the moans resonating from the bedroom behind her, she remained composed, calmly going through the papers in her hands.

Across from her, men in suits were sweating and hesitant.

After going through the documents, Alita looked up with a proud smile. “Great job, everyone. We can show off a good report at tomorrow’s meeting. Thanks for your hard work.”

“Mrs. Lewis, it’s getting late. How about we call it a night? Go get some rest,” the head of marketing said under pressure.

Others nodded in agreement.

The female assistant set down her cup and leaned forward. “Mrs. Lewis, maybe today we could…”

“Let’s talk about the acquisition case.” Alita’s tone left no doubt. She had nothing to worry about since the two in the back bedroom showed no restraint.

Others had no choice but to continue the meeting.

Throughout the meeting, there were occasional moans from the back, even getting louder.

Except for Alita, the others either awkwardly loosened their ties or blushed, and some even thought about escaping through the window. They couldn’t understand how Alita stayed calm, especially considering that the man in the room was her husband.

“Let’s call it a night.” Alita stood up to get water, swallowing it to suppress her bitterness.

The RV paused briefly, then continued.

“Mrs. Lewis, if you’re feeling down, feel free to cry,” the assistant consoled, secretly admiring her strength.

Alita laughed. ‘What difference would crying make?’ she asked herself. She had repeated this question countless times over the years, but there was no answer.


The bedroom door opened silently, and a man’s face slowly appeared from the darkness, noble and handsome. He lazily leaned against the door, coldly observing the beautiful woman drinking water.

“Mr. Lewis…” Seeing him, the female assistant was scared, lowering her head and quickly retreating.

Alita tensed up as well. Taking a deep breath, she calmly greeted him with a respectful nod. “Good evening, Mr. Lewis.”

Jaydon didn’t respond. He arrogantly raised his chin, and the green eyes, due to Alita’s smile, grew colder, flickering with a hint of unpredictable danger.

‘Not bad, Alita. To be able to smile so nonchalantly, I’ll see how long you can keep it up,’ he thought.

With calm and steady steps, he walked up to Alita.

Alita tactfully stepped back. The scent left by another woman on him, barely noticeable, made her stomach churn.

However, her subtle movements didn’t escape Jaydon’s eyes. His eyes darkened, and he quickly closed the distance, lifting her chin. “Darling, am I that terrifying?”

“Can’t she satisfy you, Mr. Lewis?” Alita held her breath, trying to remain calm. That girl had been with the company for less than two weeks, and just before departure, she had been praised by Alita, leading to her being favored by Jaydon.

He was always merciless in causing Alita embarrassment.

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It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce by Coreal White

It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce by Coreal White

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: May 15, 2024 Native Language: English

It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce (Alita Thompson and aydon Lewis) by Coreal White

Alita Thompson, a girl from an ordinary family, was raised in another wealthy family. After reaching adulthood, she married the heir to that wealthy family. Married for several years, her husband never favored her and only treated her coldly.Alita’s husband, Jaydon Lewis, was the current man at the helm of Lewis Group. He was very attentive all women except her. To irritate her, he even had s*x with other women. For some reason, he could seem to get satisfaction out of insulting her.Alita and Jaydon had been living together for 14 years and she had always been fond of him, but he had always bullied her. When Alita completely gave up on Jaydon, she chose to divorce him and leave him. Jaydon then realized that he had gotten used to bullying Alita, so he took his bride-to-be and named her to plan his wedding herself… Would Alita agree? Would the story between her and Jaydon continue?

It’s Too Late To Get A Divorce by Coreal White


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