His Sweetheart Luna by Elmer Chapter 11

His Sweetheart Luna by Elmer Chapter 11

Chapter 11 

Well good morning sleeping beauty. How’d did you sleep? Did you dream about me, Charming?Warren’s dumbass asks with a wide smile. I roll my eyes

Shut the f*** up, War.I say back to him. He lives to piss me off. Little b*tch

your Prince 

We eat breakfast and listen as my mom talks to us about school, football, and pack stuff

After awhile Max stands up and says we have to go. Warren and I follow as my mom and dad tell us something about a good first day. Its school, there is no such thing. Anyways, we all get into my truck and I drive us to school. As we pull up and I park, I notice a black jeep that I have never seen before, usually people here drive trucks and we don’t normally have new people here. So, that’s weird

We all walk into school and I go straight to my locker. I look at all the kids around me. The Freshman look, excited. The Sophomores look, like puberty hit them. The Juniors, my class, look the same just taller. And the Seniors either look like they are having the time of their lives or like they would rather die than be here. I close my locker and lean against it just looking at the people passing by. Warren and Max do the same. That’s when I smell it. Her. I know that scent, it is just as intoxicating. as it was the first day of kindergarten. I look around trying to pin point exactly where she is. Then, I see her walking down the hallway to her locker. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. She is talking, but I can’t even pay attention because I am so shocked she’s really here


A few minutes pass and I am still staring at her. Then, she smiles to her left and then to her right. I wasn’t even looking at who she was smiling at until I see out of the corner of my eye, Kasey’s face drop. The only reason I know her name is because she’s Max’s mate, even though he is too afraid to talk to her because he’s a p**syI guess I can’t say anything, I have been in love with the same girl since Kindergarten and never spoken to her

I am taken from my thoughts when I make eye contact with her. She is even more gorgeous than I remember. She has long honey brown hair, her eyes are blend of green and blue, freckles on her nose and cheeks, dark pink l*ps, curves for f***ing days that she definitely didn’t have in 5th grade, and long legs I want wrapped around me more than anything in the world. I am getting hard just looking at her. My heart is racing and I can feel my temperature rising as I get turned on. I now realize we are both just staring at each other. I want to say something

Lee?What the f*** man. Really? You know thats her


Someone moves on her right side. I look over and see Blake a little to close to her for my f***ing liking. So he is who she was smiling at. I feel my b*dy tense up, I am pissed. Blake might be in my pack and it might be my duty to protect him, but if he thinks he can have her, he is in for a rude f***ing awakening

I look back to her and her eyes are wide, along with Kasey’s and now Blake’s. Good, he should be scared. I will f***ing kill him if he touches her. She is my mate and I will be damned if I lose her again. I am just getting angrier and angrier, so I walk towards Blake to tell him to, respectfully, back the f*** up before I snap is n*eck. Max and Warren aren’t far behind, they must have sensed my anger through our bond. They probably already figured out she’s my mate too because of my reaction and the change in my scent. Its stronger now, when we find our mate that happens so other males smell us on her

I take another step towards Blake, but before I can even get to him, she slams her locker door, grabs both Kasey and Blake, and bolts into coaches classroom. I stop in my tracks and so Max and Warren. Well shit, I knew she looked familiar.Warren says chuckling. I just look at him and he says he saw 

Chapter 11 

her a few days ago

You saw her and DIDN’T TELL ME!I shout at him. Like I said, he lives to piss me off

Well, I bumped into her when I went to go get burgers, but I didn’t know it was herI guess I should have though, she still smells really good and is hot as f***.He blurts out. Now that really f***ing pissed me off. I am already on edge because of Blake standing so damn close to her, and now he says she’s hot and smells good. He has a death wish. He must

I slam him up against the lockers and calmly say, Warren I swear to f***ing God, if you say something like that again I will rip your head off. She’s mine, so keep it in your pants or I’ll cut it off.” 

His Sweetheart Luna by Elmer Novel Full Episode

His Sweetheart Luna by Elmer Novel Full Episode

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The Novel His Sweetheart Luna by Elmer "Please. Open." He begged breathlessly. I did as he asked and slightly opened my mouth. He took full advantage and pushed his tongue into my mouth making me moan. After a good 5 minutes of making out, we pulled apart and gasped for air. "F*ck." He groaned, "That was so much better than I ever imagined."

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Please. Open." He begged breathlessly. I did as he asked and slightly opened my mouth. He took full advantage and pushed his tongue into my mouth making me moan. After a good 5 minutes of making out, we pulled apart and gasped for air. "F*ck." He groaned, "That was so much better than I ever imagined."

His Sweetheart Luna by Elmer Novel

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