Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 84

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 84



I awoke to an empty bed, and I wondered where Blake went. He told me he had the day off to spend with me. But maybe he got bored of laying in bed. I’m sure he would have woken me if anything would have happened. I still haven’t seen the boys, they were sleeping when I came home and I didn’t want to wake them. Yesterday, was a very emotional day and I knew they needed their rest.

Stretching, I sat up, looking around the room. This would be the perfect time to be able to mind link, I thought with a sigh.

I noticed my phone on the nightstand as I sat on the edge of the bed. I had missed calls from Isaac but I was more interested in the message

from Blake.

Blake: Went to spar with the boys. Didn’t want to wake you. We’ll be home soon. Love, Blake.

I smiled as I read his message. He was so sweet and thoughtful, it warmed my heart knowing I picked such a wonderful man.

I reached out to Lily, as I walked into the bathroom to shower. She was still sleeping away. She better wake up soon, I had so many nagging questions to ask her. And she also could have warned me about the heat. I still would have saved Aspen, I just would have been more careful where I would have cut my arm.

I turned¬†on¬†the¬†shower¬†before¬†pulling¬†off¬†Blake‚Äôs¬†shirt I¬†was¬†wearing.¬†I¬†loved¬†wearing¬†his¬†clothes¬†and¬†smelling¬†like¬†him.¬†His¬†scent¬†calmed¬†me¬†in¬†a¬†way¬†I¬†never¬†expected.¬†When¬†I¬†was¬†n*ked,¬†I¬†peeled¬†back¬†the¬†bandage,¬†exposing¬†my¬†stitched‚Äďup¬†skin.¬†It¬†was¬†red¬†but¬†it¬†looked¬†to¬†be



Chapter Eighty #cut

288 Nour fore


I hissed as I entered the shower and the hot water ran over the wound. This would be healed, if Lily would just wake up. But instead, I’m dealing with healing, human style, and it sucks.

My limbs felt heavy as I finished my shower. I was ready to lay back down but I knew I needed to eat something. I needed food and rest. Before leaving the bathroom, I placed a new bandage on my arm before getting dressed. I pulled on a pair of sweatpants before grabbing one of Blake’s sweatshirts. I took in a deep breath of his scent as I made my way to the kitchen.

I was just in the middle of eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich when there was a knock on the door. Who would be knocking? I cautioningly walked towards the door. I didn’t have Lily right now, and I was still weak.




‚ÄúWould¬†you¬†like¬†me¬†to¬†ask¬†her¬†to¬†leave?‚Ä̬†He asked.

‚ÄúNo,¬†I‚Äôll¬†be¬†down¬†in¬†a¬†moment.¬†Where¬†am¬†I¬†to¬†meet¬†her?‚Ä̬†I¬†questioned¬†as¬†I¬†put¬†on¬†a¬†pair¬†of¬†shoes¬†that¬†were¬†at¬†the door.

‚ÄúShe¬†is¬†waiting¬†outside,¬†she¬†refused¬†to¬†come¬†inside,‚Ä̬†He¬†informed me¬†as¬†I¬†stepped¬†out¬†of¬†our¬†apartment,¬†closing¬†the¬†door¬†behind me.

‚ÄúThank you,‚Ä̬†I said¬†as¬†I¬†made¬†my¬†way¬†to¬†the¬†front.¬†I¬†was¬†panting¬†as¬†I¬†made¬†it¬†down¬†all¬†the¬†stairs¬†and¬†to¬†the front¬†door.¬†The¬†warrior¬†opening¬†the¬†front¬†door¬†startled¬†me.¬†I¬†didn‚Äôt¬†know¬†he¬†had followed¬†me.





288 Worhers

I walked outside and a beautiful woman was leaning against a black SUV. She had golden brown hair, pulled back into a messy bun. Her eyes looked, red and puffy, like she had been crying. But I didn’t recognize her.



‚ÄúLuna,‚Ä̬†the¬†warrior¬†growled¬†and¬†I¬†raised¬†my hand.



‚ÄúFeel¬†better about¬†what?‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúI¬†wanted you¬†to¬†be¬†ugly,¬†to¬†be¬†a¬†self‚Äďcentered¬†b*tch,¬†something¬†to¬†prove¬†to¬†my¬†mate¬†that¬†I‚Äôm¬†better¬†than¬†you.¬†But¬†look at¬†you,¬†even¬†in¬†sweats,¬†you¬†are¬†perfect.‚Ä̬†She¬†exclaimed.

‚ÄúYou‚Äôre¬†Lisa,‚Ä̬†I¬†gasped,¬†putting the¬†pieces¬†together.

‚ÄúI‚Äôm¬†Lisa,¬†and¬†you‚Äôre¬†my¬†mate‚Äôs¬†fated.‚Ä̬†She¬†confirmed.¬†I¬†wanted¬†to¬†hate¬†her.¬†I¬†spent¬†years¬†hating¬†this¬†woman¬†whom¬†I¬†thought¬†my¬†mate¬†chose¬†over¬†me.¬†But¬†looking¬†at¬†her, all¬†I¬†saw¬†was¬†a¬†broken¬†woman.


‚ÄúAnd¬†you¬†think¬†that¬†matters?¬†He‚Äôs¬†an¬†alpha¬†and¬†you¬†are¬†his¬†fated.‚Ä̬†She¬†scoffed,¬†before¬†letting out¬†a¬†breath.

“I understand, but I don’t want him. He killed my family and chased me








‚ÄúThen¬†he¬†was¬†lying.‚Ä̬†She¬†said¬†before she looked behind¬†me¬†and¬†gasped.¬†I¬†turned¬†to¬†see¬†Blake¬†walking¬†with¬†the¬†boys.



# 248 Mothers

‚ÄúI¬†never should¬†have¬†come¬†here,‚Ä̬†Lisa¬†blurted,¬†I turned¬†back¬†to¬†her.


‚ÄúI¬†gave¬†up¬†everything¬†for¬†him¬†and¬†he¬†still¬†only¬†wants¬†you.‚Ä̬†She¬†whispered¬†before¬†slamming¬†the¬†door¬†closed.¬†She¬†took¬†off,¬†leaving¬†me¬†more¬†confused than¬†ever.



Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Score 9.3
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 17, 2023
Read The Novel Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty is an amazng story about Ryley. Ryley Halliwell had to learn how to survive in a human city after her pack and family were killed by someone who she had trusted. She had nothing to her name and when she found out she was pregnant by the person who betrayed her, she knew she had to raise her child to be better than their father. Ryley had become a lone wolf and stayed in the city to raise her son. Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty But now, seventeen years later, she is working as a forensic accountant. She’s always been good with money and helped her father run their pack before being attacked. Now, her boss had asked her to relocate to a pack for the summer. She had undercovered a thief in the most powerful and wealthiest pack. And now he wanted her to look through all of their finances. Being a Luna wolf, she refused to submit to any alpha. Not after the man who she believed loved her, betrayed her. But when Ryley’s past surfaces and her fated mate wants her back, what will happen to her simple city life with her son?
Diane Doherty is the author of Fated to my Enemy Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search bookalb.com The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience. Content:

Description Novels

Title Fated to my Enemy
Author Diane Doherty
Publisher InFormsWorld
Genre WereWolf
Subtitle English
Other Works ‚Äď

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