Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 83

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 83

Chapter Eighty-Three
Alpha Blake
“Dad, what was that about?” Aspen asked me. He was standing in the kitchen as I hung up on Alpha Dorian.
“He wanted to know about mom?” Channing said, coming down the hallway.
“My ga*ma let it sl*p that I was sending my beta because I was taking care of our Luna,” I told them. I knew it was going to happen. Even though Ryley isn’t my Luna yet, she is still a Luna.
“What did you tell him?” Channing growled.
“I told him, she was fine. Nothing more. And I would never put her in danger, Channing, I have already commanded everyone who has seen her heal Aspen to secrecy. No one will know she is a Luna wolf unless she tells them.” I reassured him.
“I understand that, I just don’t want that f**ker in her life.” He scoffed.
“I don’t either but that isn’t up to us,” I told him.
“Dad, just tell her not to see him. Problem solved.” Aspen said.
“That’s not how relationships work. I don’t want him in her life and I can tell her my concerns but I can’t demand her not to see him. I’m not going to push her away because I can’t handle this situation. And both of you need to remember that she loved him. Channing you came from both of them. He’s her fated mate. And as much as the idea of her even speaking to him, kills me inside, I can’t order her not to.” I explained. I
Chapter Eighty-Three
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looked at the clock and saw it was time for them to head to training. I did try to talk Aspen into resting but he assured me he felt great.
“Get to training and we will all talk about this later,” I told them before heading back into my room to see Ryley.
“Is everything okay?” Ryley asked as I stripped off my sweatpants before climbing in beside her. I pulled her against me, her head on my chest.
“It was Dorian. Connor, my ga*ma who is at his pack explained I would be sending my beta in my absence and he called to question why. “I answered.
“Oh,” she sighed, tracing her fingertips along my abs.
“Does he know about Aspen?” She mumbled.
“No. I told him you were okay and if you wanted him to know more, you’d tell him.” I answered, running my fingers through her hair.
“I’m sorry, Blake, I never wanted you to become involved in all of this. And he has no right to call you demanding to know about me or Channing.” I squeezed her close. She needed rest, not to worry about her ex. I’ll handle him.
“Ex’s come with the territory, Ryley. And I’ll always protect you. You don’t have to do this alone.” I k*ssed the top of her head before she shifted to look at me.
“Thank you,” she smiled before I k*ssed her l*ps.
“Now, you need to rest.” I gave her a pointed look.
“Blake, I’m fine,” she told me before she yawned and I chuckled.
“You may be fine but you still need rest and I have the day off to spend here with you.”
“Okay,” she grumbled, resting her head on my ch*st again.
It didn’t take her long before her breathing evened out and I knew she was asleep. I think she only stayed awake to ask about my conversation with her ex. And he’s lucky I’m being patient. In my younger days, I would have ripped him apart for even looking at her.
“We still can,” Gunner growled.
“He’s Channing’s father. He may not want to know him now but one day he might.” I sighed.
“I’m saying he’s our Blake. Alphas don’t claim pups that aren’t their blood but I claim him as ours. Both of them are ours.” He said. I was unable to question him further as my phone rang. I grabbed it off the nightstand and answered without looking at the screen. I didn’t want it to wake her.
“Alpha Blake,” I answered.
“How’s our Luna?” Luca asked, chipper.
“Will you shut up,” I groaned, trying to untangle myself from Ryley so I wouldn’t wake her.
“Hold on,” I told him. I placed the phone down and got off the bed. I pulled on my sweatpants before covering her with the blanket: When I was done, I picked up my phone and left the room, closing the door quietly behind me.
“Luca?” I said into the receiver.
“Boss,” he chuckled.
Chapter Eighty Three
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“Where are you?” I asked, rolling my eyes.
“Driving to meet Connor. Apparently, the alpha was unhappy about you sk**ping out today,” he commented.
“He was more upset when he heard me in bed with Ryley,” I groaned and he laughed.
“F**ken, awesome,” he exclaimed.
“What did you tell Connor?” I sighed.
“I told him that you weren’t coming because something happened with the Luna.” He answered.
“Why would you say Luna? No one is to know she is a Luna wolf.” K growled.
“I didn’t say Luna wolf, I called her Luna. As in your Luna.”
“Are you trying to start a war?” I questioned.
“There wouldn’t be a war, Blake. And I’m sure the look on his face would have been hilarious to see.” He chuckled.
“As funny as you think this is, I don’t want him to know what is happening in our lives. So, can you please keep your mouth shut,” I ordered.
“Mum’s the word. But you still didn’t answer my question.”
“Ryley is resting. And I mean it Luca, not a word.” I reminded him.
“I got it. And Blake you are quite grumpy for a man getting laid,” he chuckled.
Chapter Eighty Three
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“Call me when you have news,” I told him before ending the call. I pinched the bridge of my nose as I took a few deep breaths. As much as I enjoy pushing that alpha’s buttons if she was my fated mate, I wouldn’t be able to let her go.

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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