Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 82

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 82

Chapter Eighty-Two
Alpha Dorian
“So let me get this straight, instead of telling her, you f**ked her?” Jared scolded me. I was supposed to be telling Lisa everything but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to hurt her. I love Evelyn but Lisa has been by my side through all of this.
“Evie would have been if she didn’t fall off the cliff.” Fang scoffed.
“Yeah,” I breathed out, answering my beta. We were sitting in my office the next morning. I knew I needed to tell her about Evelyn and my son. But I didn’t know how to start that conversation.
“You aren’t sure what you want?” Jared crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back in his seat.
“I know what I want, I just don’t want to hurt the one person who has been there through all of this. She gave me a son. She took on being my Luna when she didn’t have to. And now all I can think about is the life I could have had with Evie.” I sighed, guilt twisting my stomach painfully.
For the first few years after I believed her dead, I would dream about her walking into the pack. Dreamt about her throwing her arms around my n*eck and her l*ps on mine. It was a dream that had long ago faded until now.
“I saw firsthand how happy Evelyn made you and it may not have been the same with Lisa but you picked a good woman. She is well respected and liked in this pack. And we have seen some of the crazy Lunas out there.” He chuckled at his last comment. It was true. Most
Chapter Eighty-Two
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see me as winning the mate lottery with Lisa. She is beautiful, kind, hardworking, but she isn’t Evelyn. She isn’t my fated mate.
There was a knock on my office door before Wes came in with Alpha Blake’s ga*ma, Connor. There haven’t been any attacks and Alpha Blake was supposed to be coming here today. How the hell was I going to act civil with an alpha who is f**king my mate?
“Alpha Dorian, I just wanted to inform you that Beta Luca will be replacing the alpha today. There was a situation involving the Luna and the alpha doesn’t want to leave her.” Ga*ma Connor informed me. Did she just refer to Evelyn as Luna?
“Oh my, I hope she is doing okay. I wasn’t aware Alpha Blake had taken a mate.” Lisa exclaimed, stepping into my office.
“She is doing better, thank you Luna Lisa. Alpha Blake is being protective of his new Luna.” The ga*ma told my Luna. New Luna? She wasn’t marked a few days ago, did she really mark him?
My mind was racing as I stood up from my chair behind my desk. I walked out of my office without a word to anyone. I needed space to clear my mind. And there was only one person who I could call to get the answers I needed. As soon as I walked into the back garden, I pulled out my phone.
“Alpha Dorian,” he answered after a few rings. His voice was thick with sleep.
“How is she?” I blurted out.
“Babe, is everything okay?” I heard Evelyn ask, and my blood boiled as I balled up my fist.
“I’ll be right back,” I heard him say to her before the phone went silent. I pulled it away from my ear to make sure he didn’t hang up.
“Alpha Dorian, did something happen?”
“Other than you sleeping with my mate,” I growled.
“If that’s why you called, I have nothing to say to you,” he said.
“I called because your ga*ma informed me that something happened to her.” I exasperated.
“All I’m telling you is that she is fine. If there is anything else she wants you to know, then she will tell you.’
“She is my mate and the mother of my son, I deserve answers, Blake. Something happened to where you don’t want to leave her and I want to know why?” I yelled into the phone. I was growing increasingly
“All I can say is that she is okay and resting. I can let her know that you called. But don’t make demands of me, Dorian. I’m doing this to keep the peace. And remember, I won’t hesitate to kill you.” He growled before ending the call.
“F*ck,” I yelled into the empty garden.
“Dorian?” I whipped around to see Lisa.
“She’s alive?” She mumbled, tears filling her eyes as she stared at me.
“And she gave you a son?” She cried, unable to hold back her
“Lisa, I wanted to tell you. I was going to tell you, to explain
everything.” I exclaimed, rushing to her, I grabbed a hold of her arms.
“How long have you known?” She whispered.

Chapter Eighty Two
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“A few days. I found her alive when I went to Alpha Blake’s pack. I didn’t know she was alive or that she had my son,” I blurted, trying to salvage this.
“She’s your fated mate?” Lisa questioned.
“Yes and before you ask, Fang told me she was. But I thought she was dead, Lisa. I never would have put you through any of this if I had known she was alive.” I told her.
“I love you, Dorian. And I know an alpha needs his mate but that doesn’t change the life we have had together. It doesn’t change that we have a son together.” She said, wiping her tears. She pulled away from me, walking out of the garden.
“Lisa,” I called after her.
“I need some time, Dorian. I gave up so much for you. And it hurts that even after almost twenty years together, you are still able to throw me away for her.” With that, she left me standing in the garden.
“F*ck,” I screamed before I shifted and took off into the forest. I needed to run.

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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