Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 80

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 80

Chapter Eighty
Alpha Blake
I rushed into the OR with the doctor I was speaking with and Channing. Ryley was whispering to Aspen and she was now covered in blood
“Mom,” I heard Aspen say before Ryley collapsed on the floor beside the table. Her forearm was bleeding out and I didn’t understand why she was bleeding. And how Aspen was awake.
“Mom,” Channing yelled, rushing to her side. A nurse was applying pressure to her arm, while Channing was trying to wake her. I just stood there watching the scene. Frozen in my spot.
Aspen sitting up on the table and ripping the tubes from his b*dy, pulled me back to the present. He rolled off the table and went to Ryley’s side.
“What the hell happened?” He exclaimed as he too was trying to wake her.
“She healed you. I was so afraid you were going to die,” Channing cried as he held his mother.
“Dr. Perry, she’s not healing.” The nurse called out. I rushed over to them, trying to process what Channing had just told Aspen. Ryley was healing him but only Luna wolves have the blood to heal.
“Alpha, do you know why she isn’t healing?” Dr. Perry questioned as he moved Ryley to the table where Aspen was lying just a moment ago.
“I don’t know. She went into heat yesterday,” I recalled out loud and
the doctor cursed.
288 Vouchers
“I didn’t realize you marked her, Alpha,” he said, trying to stitch up the wound.
“I haven’t,” I clarified. And he looked up at me. He was probably just as confused as I was about the entire situation.
“Stop f*cken talking and help my mom,” Channing growled.
“Alpha, take the boys and wait outside.” The doctor demanded. I didn’t move and neither did the boys.
“If you want me to save her life, then you need to get out. She lost a lot of blood only a few days ago and if I don’t get this bleeding to stop, she will bleed to death.” The look on his face and the panic in his voice told me he was telling the truth. And he was worried.
I grabbed the boys and left the OR. Even with everything running through my mind, I needed to let them do their jobs. A nurse led us into another room so Aspen could get cleaned up. I replaced one nightmare with another. But I took a moment to breathe as I wrapped Aspen in my arms.
“I don’t know what the hell happened, but you are never to do it again,” I mumbled.
“Dad, I’m sorry, I swear it wasn’t my fault. I was driving and the road was clear until something was right in front of us. I swerved and the car fl*pped a few times before hitting a tree.” He explained. I pulled away and looked at Channing. He was pacing the room, worried for his mother.
“It’s the truth, Blake. Aspen was pinned against the tree and that’s why he was so badly injured.” Channing said before he leaned against the wall and began to s*b.
Chapter Eighty
288 Vouchere
I went to him, leaning against the wall beside him, I wrapped an arm around his shoulders.
“Why didn’t she heal?” He cried.
“Channing, your mom is strong. She will get through this. The best of the best are in there right now working on getting the bleeding to stop. I don’t have an answer for you right now, but we will get them,” I told him.
“Dad, I’m so sorry,” Aspen cried and I motioned for him to come to me.
“Everything is going to be okay.”
It felt like hours before Dr. Perry came out of the OR to speak to us. Aspen had been checked over and everything had healed. I also had the doctor ch*ck over Channing. He was so worried about my son, that he didn’t have the doctor ch*ck him. Both boys were sleeping on the couches in the waiting room while pacing.
“Alpha?” I looked up to see Dr. Perry and I couldn’t read him.
“How is she?” I rushed out, my stomach in knots.
“When she cut her forearm it nicked the artery, which is why she was bleeding so much.” He explained.
“Why didn’t her wolf just heal her?” I growled in frustration.
“Alpha, I don’t know why she went into heat, but I know she was able to save your son because she is a Luna wolf.”
“A Luna wolf?” I stammered, trying to wrap my head around what he just said.
“They are exceptionally rare. I’ve never met one, Alpha.”
Chapter Eighty
288 Wouchers
“But I still don’t understand why she went into heat?” I questioned.
“I don’t know the why, but I can tell you the reason her wolf was unable to heal her. After a female’s heat is over, her wolf goes dormant for a few days to recover. In most cases, they would still be with their mates and not in any danger.” He explained.
“She put her life in danger to save Aspen,” I stated, guilt twisting my stomach painfully.
“Alpha, I don’t think she knew her life was at risk when she healed him. She did want any mother would have done to save her child.” I nodded.
“Can I see her?” I asked, looking at the boys, sleeping.
“She should be in her room. She is going to need more rest than normal because her wolf is still unable to heal her.”
“I understand,” I told him. He motioned for me to follow. I was feeling anxious about seeing her. I almost lost her today, after thinking I could lose Aspen. I owe her everything after saving him.
“You need to protect her, now more than ever, Blake. She’s a Luna wolf, and there’s a reason why they are so rare, now.” Gunner said as I walked into Ryley’s room. The doctor closed the door behind me and I took a seat beside her bed before taking her hand in mine. Her skin cooled my hot skin. The heart machine reassured me she was alive, with its steady beeps.
“I love you, Ryley,” I mumbled, k*ssing her hand.

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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