Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 63

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 63

Chapter Sixty-Three
Alpha Dorian
I had to get up and leave. Seeing Evelyn again had my head spinning and my heart racing. And seeing her hanging off another alpha, infuriated me. She was supposed to be mine.
Without a word to anyone, I left the pack house and climbed into the passenger seat of the SUV. I needed to go before I did something st*pid, like challenge an alpha for a woman I can’t even have. My ga*ma, Wes, climbed behind the wheel. The alpha’s beta escorted us out of the pack. He was smart too because given the chance I would have gone back to get her and our son.
“I told you she was our mate. Even though you shifted early doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have known who my mate was. Especially, since she was standing right in front of me.” Fang, my wolf said.
“That doesn’t help us now, does it?” I retorted. I was already furious without my wolf pointing out he was right.
The night she fell has replayed in my mind every day since it happened. That’s not how the plan was supposed to go. I knew my father was planning the attack and the plan was to get in before the warriors to get Evelyn out. I was only supposed to get intel for my father but I fell in love with her. She was a breath of fresh air, the sun shining bright.
My father anticipated that, and the warriors were sent in early without my knowledge. I tried to get to her but the warriors would get in my way. He must have known I wasn’t going to let them kill her. By the time I reached the pack house, she was running east with her father’s
Chapter Sixty-Three
288 Vouchers
Everything changed when I watched her fall that night. I wish I would have jumped in after her. Then at least we would have been together. I was a coward and an important part of me died that night. And now I knew she was alive, caring for my son, cursing my name, was almost too much to bear. Her with someone else was a kick to the stomach. She was everything to me. I was willing to go against my father to protect her. I had so much regret from that night.
“And attacking her in her kitchen wasn’t very smart.” Fang scoffed.
“It was a big f**ken mistake.” I sighed, rethinking that moment. She looked so terrified. I should have grabbed and k*ssed her. I should have shown her how much I have missed her.
“Then Lisa would have known. She may not be the love of your life or fated mate but she has been good to us.” Fang said. He wasn’t She has put up with all my bu***hit for the last eighteen years.
“Dorian, how long have we known each other?” Wes asked, pulling me from my thoughts. Looking around, we were almost back at our pack.
“Since we were kids,” I answered.
“And with being friends for so long, I figure I would know you pretty well, would you agree?”
“What’s your point?” I growled, growing impatient.
“Why did you lie to Evelyn? We both know Lisa didn’t happen until after you believed she had died. And the plan was for us to protect her. After we learned about the attack, you, me, and Jared were supposed to get her out.” He said. All of what he said was true. Being with Evelyn
was never an act.
Chapter Sixty Th
298 Wear hers
“Why didn’t you tell her the truth?” He exclaimed.
“And why would that have mattered? I have a mate, so I can’t be with her. It’s better if she hates me.” I growled.
“Evelyn made you a better man, Dorian. And your son deserves to know the truth. He believes you tried to kill his mother, to kill him. And you know that isn’t the truth.” My ga*ma sighed.
We drove in silence after that. He may be right, but it doesn’t change anything. I’m still marked by another and we have a son together. Her being alive doesn’t undo every decision I made after I lost her. just never thought I would see her again in this life.
For the rest of the drive home, I looked out the window and thought about the life I had without her. I had met Lisa years before I met Evelyn, but our relationship was only a friendship until after Evelyn’s death. I needed someone I trusted to be my Luna and I trusted her. I also needed the pain to stop and I thought moving on quickly would take the pain away. It didn’t but it made it easier to live with.
A few weeks after she turned eighteen, I marked her. She became pregnant with our son quickly and it was the distraction I needed to forget Evelyn. Chadwick is almost seventeen and has always looked like his mother’s side of the family. And knowing Evelyn gave birth to my son, I know why Chadwick wasn’t an alpha wolf. It’s rare for an alpha to have two alpha sons and three was unheard of. Lisa never got pregnant again and I never pushed it.
When Wes pulled up in front of the pack house, Chadwick was waiting with his mother. My heart sank. This may be my life but my heart, the part I thought was broken, craved the life I could have had with Evie. I know that makes me a sick son of a b**ch. I love my son and mate but she wasn’t my fated mate.
Chapter Sixty-Three
288 Vouchers
“What are you going to tell them?” Wes questioned, as I stared at my son and mate.
“Nothing and neither are you. No one is to say a word about what happened, only that a few of his warriors are coming tomorrow.” I ordered.
“I may not understand what you are going through but I’m here if you need to talk.” I nodded before taking a deep breath. I then got out of the vehicle to greet my family.

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 17, 2023
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