Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 43

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 43

Chapter Forty-Three
Alpha Blake
I slammed on my brakes as I came upon the gate of the Shadow Moon pack. I rolled down my window as a warrior approached.
“Be calm,” Luca grumbled.
“Alpha Blake? I wasn’t aware of your visit.” He told me.
“Neither was I. Unexpected events occurred and I need to speak to the alpha and his beta.” I demanded. The warrior nodded but the gates never opened. My patience was growing thin the longer I waited.
“I’m sorry, Alpha Blake. There was an incident involving Beta Chris earlier today. He is unable to meet with you. Alpha Phil is on his way.” The warrior informed me.
“Tell your alpha I’m here because of the incident involving his beta,” I growled. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Making me wait at the gate was disrespectful enough. And I don’t know what Chris told his alpha.
“I’m sorry, alpha, I’m just following orders.” He said.
“We’ll wait to speak with the alpha, thank you,” Luca called over me to the warrior. I shut off my truck and hopped out of the vehicle.
“Tell your alpha he has ten minutes before I’m going in,” I ordered.
“Yes, Alpha Blake,” the warrior stammered as I leaned against the front bumper.
“Blake, stay calm.” Luca mind-linked me. But there was no being calm.
Chapter Forty Threw
288 Vouchers
Now only did that ba**ard threaten my son, the future alpha of the biggest pack known to our kind. But he threatened two people I care deeply for. And he hurt one of them. He knew she was under his father’s protection and he did it anyways.
A few minutes later, a vehicle came speeding up to the gate. Alpha Phil jumped out of the passenger side once the vehicle came to a stop in front of the gate. His gamina climbed out of the driver’s side. The warrior I was speaking to earlier opened the gate for his alpha.
“Alpha Blake, this is an unexpected visit,” Alpha Phil said as he approached me.
“I think you know perfectly well why I’m here,” I scoffed, not bothering
to shake his hand.
“If this is about the incident at our borders with the rogues then I don’t see why that is any of your business.” He retorted. I almost punched him in the face when the f**ker smirked.
“They weren’t rogues. There were two lone wolves under Beta Walter’s protection and Alpha Blake’s son.” Luca told them while Gunner let out a growl. Both men and the warrior blanched.
“Your son?” his g**ma stammered.
“I’m going to make this clear, so you f**kers understand the gravity of what your beta f**ken did. Not only did he threaten two underage wolves but he crossed the border to attack someone on her property. Someone under his father’s protection and now mine. And the only reason I’m not rushing into your pack to kill that f**ker is because I respect his father. But this is your one and only warning. If any of your wolves cross the border onto her land, I will declare war. Do you understand?” I demanded.
“All of this is over a rogue she-wolf? Must be some good p**sy,” I
Chapter Forty-Three
288 Vouchers
didn’t let him finish as I punched him in the jaw. And I didn’t stop at one punch. He was a b**ody mess when Luca pulled me off of the pathetic alpha. Luca pushed me up against the grill of my truck.
“Are we clear?” He turned to ask the alpha and his g**ma. His g**ma was helping his alpha stand up, with the help of the warrior.
“Clear,” the g**ma answered.
“Didn’t realize you were a dictator?” Alpha Phil mumbled, spitting out a mouth full of blood. I chucked, shaking my head.
“If I was, you would already be dead and your pack would be mine. Remember your place, Phil. Even without the larger and stronger pack, I could still kill you. And if any of your pack members are involved in hurting or threatening those three again, I will make it my mission to destroy this pack.” I told him firmly. Gunner was one of the strongest alpha wolves in my generation. Phil would be nothing to take down.
“And now that you understand, Phil. I expect your beta not only apologize to my son but also Channing and Riley. It will be done tomorrow before they return to my pack. Understand?” I demanded. Gunner growled his approval.
“Understood, Alpha Blake.” The alpha finally answered after a very moments of contemplating. He wasn’t going to win against me and he knew it.
“Good. We are done here,” I said as I walked around to the driver’s side of the truck. I shook out my bruised and bl*ody knuckles before getting in behind the wheel. Luca followed suit and took the passenger
We were driving for about ten minutes before Luca let out a sigh. I knew he wasn’t happy about the way I handled the alpha but I care about them. And I protect those I care about.
Chapter Forty-Three
288 Vouchers
“What?” I grumbled when he didn’t say anything.
“That wasn’t how I thought things were going to go.” He answered.
“And how did you think things were going to go?” I asked him. And he chuckled.
“I didn’t think the alpha was s**pid enough to challenge you.”
“I didn’t think he would just hand over his beta. His loyalty is to his pack first. I wouldn’t have had any respect for the ba**ard if he would have just bent to my will.” I shrugged, looking at my knuckles gripping the steering wheel.
“Now, what’s the plan?” He questioned.
“Now, I go back to the cabin and you drive back to the pack. I’ll drive home with Ryley and the boys tomorrow.”

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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