Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 37

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 37

Chapter Thirty-Seven
Alpha Blake
I looked over at Luca and then Aiden. I didn’t understand what was happening. Was Ryley trying to set me up with the waitress? But why would she do that?
“Dude, I got nothing,” Luca said through the link.
“It’s a trap. Don’t do it! I repeat, it’s a trap,” Aiden exclaimed through the link. Maybe she only looks at me as a friend and I was wasting my time trying to be more to her.
“Don’t you dare give up! She is perfect for us.” Gunner growled.
Four drinks later and we were all dancing. All my drinks were doubles so I was starting to feel the warmth from the whiskey. The girls on the other hand were tipsy, especially Isabelle who didn’t have a wolf.
I pulled Ryley against me when she stumbled. She was in a fit of giggles as she grabbed onto me. She looked up at me, her eyes were a drunken haze.
“Are you okay?” I leaned in and asked her. She started grinding up against me and I held in a groan.
“So okay. I think I’m drunk,” she yelled. She pushed her breast against
ch*st as she gripped my shoulders. My hands were on her hips as she ground her p**sy against my thigh.
“Going good?” Luca was in my head.
“She’s drunk,” I sighed.
Chapter Thirty-Seven
288 Vouchers
“Ryley, if you’re drunk, I should take you home,” I said against her ear. She shivered.
“Are you coming home with me, Alpha?” She purred. F*ck, I screamed in my head. I wanted nothing more than to take her home but I didn’t want to be the regret in the morning.
“Or would you rather have the hot waitress?” She scuffed. I could hear the frustration in her voice at my hesitation.
I untangled our bodies before taking her hand and leading her off the dance floor. I didn’t stop until we were outside the bar. The cool night air was welcome on my hot skin.
“Blake, what are you doing? Slow down,” she cried, trying to get out of my grip on her hand. I whipped around to look at her.
“I’m taking you home,” I told her and she scuffed.
“Why? Are we not having fun?” She demanded.
“We are but you are drunk. And I won’t be the regret in the morning.” I exclaimed.
“Do you regret all the women you have slept with?” She pulled her hand from mine and crossed her arms across her chest. I was taken
aback by her comment.
“Do you regret all the men you’ve slept with in the morning after a drunken night out?” I growled. I didn’t want to think of Ryley with anyone else.
“Nope, this would have been the first time.” She confessed.
“What?” I stammered, confused.
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Chapter Thirty-Seven
288 Vouchers
“I was a young single mom with very limited money. This is my first time being drunk.” She said. She closed her eyes and swayed on her feet. I grabbed onto her hips to steady her.
“You never got drunk as a teenager?” I asked her, stepping impossibly close to her. She shook her head.
“I had to be an example. Not that that’s bad, but I didn’t do the normal teenage things. I was too busy helping my dad with our pack.” She shrugged. I don’t think she meant to give me that piece of information so I didn’t question her.
“Okay, let’s get you home,” I whispered, leaning my forehead against hers. She just nodded. I could feel the people around us, watching. So I quickly hailed a cab, helping Ryley in the back seat.
As soon as I climbed in beside her, she rested her head against my shoulder. I told the driver to drive to the pack house. He looked at Ryley and then at me before nodding. Before I could say anything to defend myself, not that I should have to, my pack should know I would never take advantage of anyone in this state; Riley called out to me.
“Blake?” I looked down at her, she had her eyes close.
“Thank you,” she mumbled.
She had fallen asleep by the time we had made it to the pack house. I directed the driver to the front of Ryley’s house. I had mind-link Aspen, and he was waiting on the porch with Channing. I paid the driver before stepping out of the vehicle. I lean back to scoop her lifeless b*dy into my arms. I closed the door with my foot before walking up to the porch. Channing was snickering to himself as I approached them.
Chapter Thirty-Seven
#288 Vouchers
“Well, this is a first.”
“Just open the door,” I demanded.
Once in the house, I carried Ryley up the stairs to her room. I laid her on the bed before taking off her shoes and her jeans. I tried not to look as I covered her up with her blanket. Before I moved away from the bed, Ryley’s hand grabbed my arm.
“Stay?” She mumbled. I leaned down and k*ssed her forehead. Her eyes were still closed but there was a smile on her l*ps.
“Not tonight,” I whispered. I quickly left the room. I wouldn’t have been able to say no a second time. I hurried
in the kitchen.
stairs to find the boys
“Didn’t expect to see you again before morning,” Channing said,

leaning on the kitchen island.
“Why’s that?” I questioned.
“I see the way you look at my mom. I’m not blind. A lesser man would have taken advantage of her.” He shrugged.
“Does she do this often?” I asked him.
“This is the first time she has been drunk. And I’ve never seen her with a man before. And she gets hit on all the time but she has never taken an interest in any of them. Until you.” He told me. I didn’t know what
to say.
“Come on Aspen, we should get home.


Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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