Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 33

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 33

Chapter Thirty-Three
Alpha Blake
If this trip taught me anything it is how little time I spend with Aspen these days. When he was younger, I would make more time for him but it became less and less over the years. I believe he needed me less when he grew older, but I was wrong. And it was something I was going to change.
I learned how much Ryley does for Channing. She has never missed a hockey game or anything important. Channing is her top priority and eyen though I have a pack to run, it’s no excuse for missing things with Aspen.
It also proved how much I’craved a mate and family. I was missing Mia the entire weekend but it hurt less that she was no longer here. It was like Ryley pulled together the pieces of my broken heart. It may still be cracked but it hurts less. And being with Ryley and Channing felt natural. Like we’ve known one another for years.
Now that the weekend is over and it’s Monday morning, I’m feeling the loss. The alpha floor felt so empty without them. A part of our family was missing and even Aspen noticed how quiet it was.
I was cursing Mondays as I sat in the boardroom. The CFOs Ryley requested lined the table on either side. We were just waiting on Ryley to arrive.
“You sure picked a winner, Alpha. Can’t even be on time for her own meeting,” one scoffed. I was about to say something but Ryley walked into the room. She was carrying a bunch of files.
Chapter Thirty Them
18 288 Wouchers
“Actually, I’m right on time.” She announced, dumping the files on the table. She took the seat across from me.
“Now, since you are so eager to get this meeting over with, Mr. Clarke, you can pass me your financial reports first.” She demanded and I was rock hard. The way she demanded the attention of others was se*y as hell. She knew she was in control and she wasn’t going to let these f**ks intimate her.
“Alpha, is this meeting really necessary?” He complained.
“Miss Halliwell was hired to do a job. And if she wants the records from the beginning of each company, you will hand it over.” I told him. He gritted his teeth, glaring at her before sliding the fold in front of him over to her.
She stopped it with her hand, giving him a sickly sweet smile. I know. Mr. Clarke was the CFO Ryley had a suspicion about.
“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” She smiled and I cleared the laughter from my throat. It was fun watching grown men squirm.
Ryley grabbed a pen off the desk before opening the folder. She looked deep in thought as she looked through and marked the papers. I readjust myself, as watching her bit her lower l*p was driving me crazy. I haven’t spoken to her since I dropped her off last night and I’ve been craving her attention.
“Satisfied?” Mr. Clarke questioned as she closed the file.
She didn’t answer as she slide the file across the desk to me. I stopped it, my eyes never leaving hers. I knew something was wrong, I didn’t have to open the file.
“Everyone leave your files on the desk and leave. Mr. Clarke, you will stay.” I ordered. The room quickly emptied while, Ryley, Mr. Clarke,
Chapter Thirty-Three
298 Vouchers
and myself stayed seated. I opened the file to see Ryley had circled a few numbers. I looked up at her and she slid down another file.
“Whatever she thinks she found is a mistake.” He growled. I looked up to find him glaring at Ryley.
“And what is it I found?” She asked him, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Nothing, important, I’m sure, sweetheart,” he retorted.
“That’s enough,” I growled. I picked up both files and stood up from my chair.
“Miss Halliwell, let’s discuss this in the hall,” I told her.
“Mr. Clarke, stay,” I commanded, as I led Ryley into the hallway, closing the door behind me.
“Now, what have you found?” I asked her.
“Before I asked you to call the meeting, I made copies of all last month’ s financial reports. I wanted to see if they were being changed when the reports were demanded. And I was right. I suspect Mr. Clarke because the numbers would never add up. I went back months.” She explained.
“And how much are we talking?”
“Thousands. But I won’t know unless I look through everything.” She answered.
“Look over the reports the others brought with them and then focus on Mr. Clarke. I’ll deal with him personally and if I need anything, I’ll let you know.” I told her. She gave me a nod before I opened the door to the conference room. She collected all the files and her things before
Chapter Thirty-Three
288 Vouchers
leaving the room without a word.
“Alpha, you know I would never steal from you or the pack. Are you going to believe this lone wolf bi**h or a loyal pack member?” He exclaimed. I let out a growl and he blanched. I wasn’t messing around this time. One of my friends was stealing from the pack and I wasn’t going to put up with anyone stealing again.
“She noticed thousands were going missing, now you will explain this to me,” I demanded, taking my seat and sliding the files over to him. She may not be a member of the pack but I trust her.


Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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