Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 31

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 31

Chapter Thirty-One
Alpha Blake
I didn’t expect Ryley to pull out a couple of air pop guns or to hog all the ammunition. And even those foam balls stung and that woman had great aim. Seeing Ryley laughing and carefree made up for the hit to my forehead. Even though the boys were now here and Beta Walter, which I didn’t expect.
Ryley was trying to run away when I shot her in the a*s cheek and she let out a yip. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the glare she gave me. I’m sure I have a red mark on my forehead and she’s glaring at me.
“That’s what you get woman.”
“Did you just call me woman?” She huffed.
“I did,” I smirked as I stalked towards her.
“Now, do you want to tell me what the former beta of the shadow moon pack is doing her?” I asked when I was standing in front of her. The pack borders this property.
“That’s Walter. Yes, he was the beta but he’s just been like an adopted father to me. Is that a problem?” She scuffed, crossing her arms over her chest.
“No problem, Ryley. I just didn’t expect it. Now it makes sense that the pack would be so close. And if you are under the beta’s protection, it’s why the pack hasn’t bothered you.” I told her.
“Maybe Walter but I’m sure his sons would love nothing more than to
Chispter Thirty-One
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bother me. But they are smart enough to stay away.” She mumbled.
I didn’t ask her what she meant, as we walked back around the cabin. Walter was helping the boys unpack the truck.
I’ve met Walter’s oldest son, Beta Chris. He’s the current beta of the Shadow Moon pack. But I haven’t met his other sons. I wonder why Walter has a great relationship with Ryley but not his sons.
“Walter!” Ryley called out before wrapping him in a hug.
“My girl,” he k*ssed her cheek before wrapping her in a tight-hug.
“We may need to think about that addition,” I heard Walter chuckle.
“I was thinking the same thing. The boys need longer beds.” She told Walter. What addition? Was she planning on having us here more often with her and Channing? The thought made me smile.
“Alpha Blake, it’s good to see you. Even though it’s a surprise to see my girl being nice to an alpha,” he said, shaking my hand and Ryley smacked his chest.
“I’m nice,” she huffed.
“It’s good to see you again, Beta Walter. I was just as surprised to see you here. I didn’t expect Ryley to have a beta family.” I told him.
“I’m right here, you two.” She scuffed and we both snickered.
“Mom, where are all the snacks,” Channing called out from the porch.
“Yeah, Mom, where are all the snacks,” Aspen echoed him.
“Really? The kitchen isn’t that big!” Ryley exclaimed, moving toward the cabin. She was muttering as she stomped her way into the cabin.
Chapter Thirty-One
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“Now that we have a moment, Alpha Blake. What are your intentions with my daughter and grandson?” Beta Walter got straight to the point.
“Daughter?” I questioned:
“Ryley may not be my blood but she is every bit my daughter. And I don’t trust her with another alpha.” He growled.
“I don’t know the entire story but I have no intentions of hurting Ryley or Channing,” I told him. Beta Walter watched me.
“Then tell me what your intentions are with her. She won’t join your pack. I’d been asking her for years to come live in mine so I could protect her. I still can’t believe she went to yours, let alone have you here at the cabin.” He confessed.
“Ryley and I are friends,” I said.
“Friends? A man doesn’t look at a woman like that who is just his friend. I may be old but I’m not blind.” He chuckled.
“Even if I wanted to be more to her and Channing. That would have to be her choice. I know her mate claimed another. I don’t know the whole story but I know he broke her.” He let out a growl.
“That piece of s*it didn’t just break her. What he did could have started a war. It should have. Ryley is stronger than any alpha I have known. And she won’t let anything happen to Channing. That boy saved her life.”
We didn’t get to finish our conversation as the boys came out of the cabin. Both of them laughing as they carried the cooler together.
“We got the snacks!” Aspen exclaimed.
“More like everything in the kitchen!” Ryley called out, coming out of
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the cabin behind them.
“I’m going to have to go grocery shopping again.” She chuckled.
“We can go after fishing. I don’t want you going into that town alone.” I told her and she rolled her eyes.
“What happened in town?” Beta Walter questioned.
“There were a few guys at the fuel station who wouldn’t take no for an answer. But it’s nothing I couldn’t handle.” She answered.
“Mom, are you okay?” Channing asked, concerned.
“Sweetie, of course, I’m okay. They were human. Nothing I couldn’t handle.” She reassured him.
“It’s okay, Ryley, I’ll protect you,” Aspen wrapped his arm around her shoulders and squeezed her into his side.
“I’m so lucky to have all these strong wolves protecting me.” She giggled, pulling Channing in for a hug as well. Ryley looked so small between the boys. There was no doubt Channing is an alpha’s son.
“Oh come on, worthy protectors, it’s time to go fishing.” Beta Walter said, taking the cooler. The boat is already at the dock. Both the boys and Beta Walter k*ssed Ryley on the cheek before walking towards the dock.
“Bye boys, have fun,” Ryley told them.
“Ryley, I mean it. No going into town. It’s not safe.” I told her and she looked at me. She let out a sigh before giving me a nod.
“Thank you,” I breathed out the breath I was holding.
“Have fun fishing with the boys.” She smiled.
“Stay at the cabin. I know you are strong. Ryley. But you can’t take on a group of rogues.”
“I’ll be fine. Blake. Go have fun.” She places her hand on my chest. I surprised myself by k*ssing her on the ch*ck before following the others. I was feeling anxious about leaving her here alone. When I turned around, she was standing in the doorway of the cabin. She waved before entering, closing the door behind her.
“Come on. Dad.”

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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