Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 29

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 29

Chapter Twenty-Nine
Alpha Blake
When I opened my eyes, the morning light was just starting to peek through the curtains. We did get to bed late and no amount of persistence would change Ryley’s mind about me taking her room. She insisted that she was smaller so she would take a smaller bed. Maybe I could have convinced her to share her bed with me if the boys were here. We did share a blanket under the stairs. And I honestly could have listened to her talk all night. The way she spoke about something so passionate was se*y as hell. And I could never tire of hearing her voice.
I knew it was early but I couldn’t go back to sleep. I wanted Ryley. There’s no doubt about that. She gives me this peace I haven’t felt since I found Mia. Being around her just feels right.
I got out of bed to go for a run. I needed to wear off some of this energy. I listened before exiting the bedroom, wearing a pair of shorts. Ryley must not be up yet. I walked over to the dining table and picked up my phone. Luca had texted me to let me know the boys had made it to training. Even if they were both a little hung over. They just had to get through training the younger kids and then they would be on their way here. I was excited to go with them fishing. I didn’t know this Walter but I’m sure if Ryley trusts him, he has to be a decent man.
I grabbed Ryley’s keys, locking the door behind me. The cool morning air was crisp and goosebumps covered my b*dy as I started my jog at the back of the cabin. This was the kind of peace I needed this morning. The forest was just waking as the sun rises above the trees. I can see why this was Ryley’s favorite place. The orange sun hitting the lake looked magical. It was almost as good as the stars last night.
Chapter Twenty-Nine
288 Vouchers
“The stars would have been better with Ryley snuggled into us.” Gunner purred. He’s been purring like a kitten since last night.
“It would have been but I don’t want to push her. I was lucky she opened up as much as she did. Now we know that her ex isn’t dead and he claimed another.” I told him:
“F**ken m**on. Clearly, he didn’t have eyes.” Gunner scoffed and I chuckled.
“No kidding. Ryley walks into a room and demands everyone’s
attention. And he used her and threw her away like she was nothing.” I growled. The thought of her mate of all people doing that to her, makes my blood boil.
“Maybe we can track him down. If she’s a powerful wolf, he would be as well. She can resist our command being a lone wolf and we have one of the most powerful packs. We are one of the most powerful alphas and she can fight us. She can beat our beta. There’s no doubt she was raised by alphas.” Gunner said.
“I agree. But I can’t track down that f*cker, I will kill him. I will kill him for hurting her and abandoning Channing.” I told him.
I ran faster as I tried to rid my b*dy of the anger I was feeling. I wanted blood for what he did to her. For what he put Channing through.
I came to a halt when a chained link fence crossed my path. As soon as I stopped and sniffed the air, I knew it lined the border of the Shadow Moon pack. I couldn’t see wolves but I could smell them. I wonder if this is why they never bothered her and Channing, the fence. Before the wolves on patrol could scent me, I turned around and ran back to the cabin. I’m glad the fence was there but it wouldn’t stop the wolves from attacking. Having Ryley and Channing this close to a pack, unprotected, makes me nervous. I’m going to have to call the alpha and
Chapter Twenty-Nine
✰ 288 Vouchers
make it clear that this land is under my protection.
“And how do you think Ryley will react to having you silently protecting her?” Gunner chuckled.
“I know, but if it protects Channing then I think she’ll accept it. And I want them both safe. Channing would be devastated if anything happened to his mother.” I told him.
“I think the way to Ryley’s heart is through Channing. You win him over and she will soon follow. And then we can be a family,” Gunner purred. A family seems foreign to me. I grew up with wonderful parents but the family I craved to have with Mia was stolen. And When I thought I could have something like that again, I realized all they wanted was to be Luna. They didn’t love me or Aspen.
Ryley already puts Aspen above me. She welcomed him into her life without question. She could be the one we need to make a whole family possible. To become a blended family. Most alphas would never raise another man’s child but Channing made Ryley who she is today. He is a part of her and I want all of her.
I unlocked the door to the cabin. I was drenched in sweat and my mind was racing with the possibility of us being a family. Ryley was still asleep when I turned the coffee on before having a quick shower. The possibility of us being a family made me more determined than ever to win Ryley’s heart.
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Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Score 9.3
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 17, 2023
Read The Novel Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty is an amazng story about Ryley. Ryley Halliwell had to learn how to survive in a human city after her pack and family were killed by someone who she had trusted. She had nothing to her name and when she found out she was pregnant by the person who betrayed her, she knew she had to raise her child to be better than their father. Ryley had become a lone wolf and stayed in the city to raise her son. Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty But now, seventeen years later, she is working as a forensic accountant. She’s always been good with money and helped her father run their pack before being attacked. Now, her boss had asked her to relocate to a pack for the summer. She had undercovered a thief in the most powerful and wealthiest pack. And now he wanted her to look through all of their finances. Being a Luna wolf, she refused to submit to any alpha. Not after the man who she believed loved her, betrayed her. But when Ryley’s past surfaces and her fated mate wants her back, what will happen to her simple city life with her son?
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