Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 196

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 196

Book Two Chapter FortyFive 

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Book Two Chapter FortyFive 


Something on your mind, baby?Titus mumbled, kissing my head. It was the morning after the raid and we were finally able to have some 

time alone

From the moment my eyes met his, I loved him. But I still don’t have my wolf and his wolf hasn’t claimed me. And I haven’t gotten pregnant. I was worried I wasn’t his mate and he was going to leave me when he did find her

And my best friend was leaving today, leaving me torn

Baby?He squeezed me closer. My naked body was tangled up with his and I’ve missed being here, in his arms

What’s going to happen after they leave?I asked, tracing circles over 

his abs

What do you mean?I sighed at his question

You know what I mean, Titus. Tessa is leaving with Aspen and with your father dead, there is no one holding us back from going public.I gasped when he rolled me onto my back and he was now laying on his 


Why do you say it like you no longer want me?I couldn’t meet his eyes as he looked down at me



Book Two Chapter FortyFive 

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I want you. But what if you find your mate?” I whispered, as my bottom lip trembled. He gripped my chin and forced me to look up at him

When your wolf wakes up, I will mark this pretty little neck of yours,I shivered as he kissed my collar

But, what if,he kissed me quiet before resting his forehead against mine

There is no what if, Sarah. I’m all in and have been even when you were gone taking care of my sister. My father pushed me to be with hundreds of women but I never gave them a second glance. None of them were you, baby.” 

Titus,tears filled my eyes as I looked into his green ones. I leaned into his touch when he caressed my cheek

Everyone will know you are the Luna of this pack. My Luna.He said before pecking my lips. Is this because my sister is leaving today with her mate?” 

I don’t want you to leave me too,I confessed

Never, baby. And if I didn’t have a pack to lead, I would go anywhere you wanted us to. As long as we are together.” 

I love you,I smiled at him

I love you,he leaned down and brushed his lips against mine. I wish we could stay in bed all day but my sister will be leaving soon and I have an alpha to speak with.” 

After we were ready, Titus kissed me before going to find Alpha Blake 



Book Two Chapter FortyFive 

and I went to find Tessa

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I knocked on her bedroom door and waited. I know how anxious she was about getting back to him. She was also nervous about telling him she was pregnant. I think that’s why she has been so sick. Her body was craving her mate

When she finally stepped out into the hallway, I wrapped my arms around her

Gross, you smell like my brother,she cringed and I giggled

And you smell like Aspen,I pulled back and smiled at her

You weren’t complaining when he was buying you breakfast too,she huffed and I laughed

It’s good to see you,I looked behind my friend at her mate

You too, Sarah,he nodded

Where’s Titus?Tessa asked as I locked our arms together and started to walk towards the dining room

Speaking with Alpha Blake.” 

I should be there,Aspen said behind us

Walking into the dining room, it was empty expected for Titus and Alpha Blake sitting at the alpha table. Titus held out his hand for me to come to him, which I did

Alpha Blake, this is my Luna, Sarah,he introduced us while wrapping an arm around my waist



Book Two Chapter FortyFive 

Thank you for saving my mate and child,he said

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Your gratitude should go to Tessa. Nothing was going to stop her from getting them out safely,I smiled. Titus pulled me in for a kiss before motioning me to sit beside me

Dad, where’s Mom?Aspen asked as he sat down beside his mate. Tessa took the seat beside mine

She and your brother are with Luca. I needed to have a few words with the alpha before we headed for the airport.” 

I gripped Tessa hand, not wanting to say goodbye to her

Alpha Blake has something he would like to discuss with you,Titus squeezed my other hand. I looked at the alpha curiously. Aspen looked so much like his father

As you know I killed an alpha and have acquired another pack. For the sacrifice you made to save my mate and child, I would like to give you the pack,I gasped before removing my hand from Tessa’s and covering my mouth


It’s only fair, son. Tessa will be the Luna of our pack. And now, Sarah will be Luna of her own pack. She may not be a Luna wolf, but that doesn’t change what she did for your mother and brother.” 

Are you sure, Alpha Blake? I have no idea how to run a pack or lead anyone.I told him

Sure you do,Tessa took my hand. You saved me and kept me alive



Book Two Chapter FortyFive 

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You worked so hard to keep me safe. You deserve this, babe.She squeezed my hand and her brother squeezed the other

I don’t know what to say, Alpha Blake,I looked back at him

You don’t have to say anything, you’ve earned this, Luna Sarah. Not only did you save my mate and child but you kept my daughterinlaw and grandpup safe.Tears filled my eyes

Thank you.” 

Alpha Blake excused himself saying he needed to help his Luna, leaving 

  1. us

Luna Sarah, I like it,Tessa giggled

What the hell just happened?I exclaimed

Looks like you don’t need my brother after all,she teased and I pushed her shoulder

This was probably my Mother’s idea. She is the strongest wolf I know and she believes in you, Sarah. She wouldn’t put you in a position to fail.Aspen said

I’ll be by your side, Baby, you have nothing to worry about,Titus reassured me

To Luna Sarah, my best friend and sister,Tessa wrapped her arms around my shoulders. I love you.” 



Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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