Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 16

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen
Alpha Blake
After another long day of meetings, I went to find Ryley so we could talk about this trip she has planned. She wasn’t in her office, so I walked the short distance to her house. The lights were off but there was a faint glowing coming from the front window. The glow would flicker, which I assume is the TV. It wasn’t that late, but maybe it was late from them.
I walked up the three steps and I stood in front of the door. I hesitated to knock. I could just talk with her tomorrow. I didn’t need to come all this way when I would see her tomorrow anyways.
“But we are already here. So, will you just knock already?” Gunner huffed. Gritting my teeth at my wolf’s attitude, I raised my fist to the door and knocked. I heard some hushing voices before Ryley called
She answered the door wearing an oversized shirt, that fell off one shoulder. She was makeup free and her hair was pulled back. She wasn’t wearing pants but maybe shorts? Her shirt came down to just above her knees.
“Dad,” Aspen called out from behind her. Looking around, I saw my son sitting on the couch with Channing. He gave me a nod.
“Mr. Blake, come in,” she stepped aside so I could enter the house. I closed the door behind me.
“Dad, did you come to watch the movie with us? I sent you a text but you didn’t reply,” Aspen asked.
Chapter Sixtop?
236 Vouchere
“No, sorry, I haven’t checked my messages. I came to speak with Ryley about you going fishing,” I told him.
“It’s no problem if he’d like to join us. I’d be happy to have him with us. The cabin is small but cozy. One of the rooms has two beds, where they will sleep and I’ll have the other one. And Walter is happy to take both of them out fishing.” Ryley explained.
“I would feel better if I knew the location,” I told her.
“Of course. I can give you whatever information you need,” she smiled, which had my heart pounding in my chest.
“Ryley, do you think my dad could come with us? I want him to come fishing.” Aspen asked from his spot on the couch.
“Hey, that’s a great idea,” Channing agreed. I looked at Ryley, she had her arms crossed over her ch*st and was biting her lower l*p.
“How about we talk in the kitchen?” She asked, motioning me into the kitchen with her.
“Have a seat. Would you like anything?” She offered, as I took a seat on a stool in front of the kitchen island.
“No, thanks,” I told her. She nodded and came to stand on the other side of the island. She leaned down, resting on her elbows before letting out a sigh.
“I wasn’t planning on coming. I just want to make sure Aspen will be safe.” I told her, leaning against the counter.
“The cabin is located two hours north of here,” she breathed out.
“That’s close to the Shadow Moon pack?” I asked, trying to remember where all the packs around us were located.
Chapter Sixteens
288 wouchers
“The lake borders the pack,” she explained and I growled, not liking this trip.
“Can you just let me finish?” She huffed. I motioned for her to continue before crossing my arms over my chest.
“Even with it being so close to a pack, Channing and I have never had a issue. I wouldn’t have said yes to Aspen if I thought he could be in danger. Hell, I wouldn’t even take Channing.” She finished. My heart fluttered at her care for Aspen.
“So, you think a future alpha, without his wolf, would be safe there?” I questioned.
“As I said, I’ve never had any issues, even when taking my wolf out. I feel completely safe there. No one from Shadow Moon has ever bothered us.” She answered.
Before I could say anything the boys came into the kitchen. Channing grabbed a couple of sodas from the fridge and Aspen took a seat beside
“So, you coming with us?” He asked me.
“We were talking about you going,” I told him.
“Mom, Alpha Blake should come with us. The two of you can drive up Thursday evening and Aspen and I can drive up Friday after training.” Channing explained, standing beside his mother.
“See Dad, it’s all planned. Now you just have to say yes,” Aspen pleaded.
“And whose plan is this?” Ryley was eyeing them bother suspiciously.
“We were talking in the living room. This way, you can come fishing
Chapter Sixteen
288 Vouchers
with us. And Ryley can relax. I know you are worried about me being there without my wolf.” Aspen said.
“So, she can actually relax,” Channing chimed in and she scoffed.
“I relax,” she exclaimed, standing to her full height and crossing her arms over her chest. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see her hardened n*pples through the thin fabric. My c*ck strained against the zipper of my pants.
“And if we are to head up Thursday, what would you two be up to?” She pointed between the two of them. Oh, she’s good. I was more interested in spending the night with Ryley alone than in what the boys were planning. I never considered they were trying to get rid of
“How about someone tells me the truth?” Ryley said when no one said anything.
“Fine, there’s a party,” Channing sighed, caving under his mother’s
“Dude?” Aspen exclaimed and I growled.
“Sorry, sir,” he mumbled.
“How about a compromise?” Ryley sighed and we all perked up. What was Ryley planning?
“I’ll go up Thursday evening, and Blake can drive up with both of you on Friday after training.” The way my name rolled off her tongue, had goosebumps covering my b*dy.
“Does that mean we can go to the party?” Aspen asked, looking from Ryley to me.
288 Vouchers
“Aspen, that’s up to your dad. Channing, you can go, if Aspen can go. But there will be no drinking and driving. Or fighting and you will respect the word no. And that goes for you as well, Aspen. No means no.” She scolded. When she was done, both the boys were staring at me. I wanted nothing more than to spend time with Ryley, alone but I understood what she was doing.
“I want more information about this party. But I don’t see why not,” I sighed, giving in. I realized how lenient I’ve been with Aspen. I’m sure he has been to parties before but I never really questioned where he was going. I’ve always been busy.
Channing and Aspen fist-bumped before thanking me. They left the kitchen talking excitedly about this party.
“Mom, come on. Let’s start the movie,” Channing call from the living
“Would you like to join us? I can make more popcorn?” Ryley asked, staring at me from across the island. Her steel blue eyes were staring into my soul, and I could never say no to her.
“Sure,” I breathed out.
“Grab a soda from the fridge and go sit with the boys. I’ll be right there,” she told me as she went about the kitchen making popcorn.
“I grabbed a soda and went into the living room. Channing and Aspen were already lounging on the couch, so that left the loveseat for Ryley and me.
“Dad, you’re staying?” Aspen asked, surprised when I took a seat.
“I guess so,” I chuckled.
“Now is there anything else?” Ryley asked as she came into the living
Chapter Sixteen
282 Wochen
carrying a bowl of popcorn.
“Nope, get the lights,” Channing said.
With the lights off, the only glow was the TV. Ryley curled herself in a blanket before sitting beside me. She placed the popcorn bowl between us. As the movie began to play, I couldn’t help but think that the next two hours were going to be torture.

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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