Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 14

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen
The next morning, I ran with Channing to the training area. He has been so excited to start training and he even enjoys teaching the kids. Mr. Blake is also giving him a very generous wage. He ran over to Aspen who was standing in the field and they started to goof around. They were quickly becoming best friends.
I noticed Mr. Blake standing on the side of the field. I needed to speak with him so I jogged over to him, standing beside him, I watched Channing and Aspen. Aspen gave me a wave, which I returned with a smile.
“Good morning,” I greeted the alpha
“Good morning, Ryley.” He returned a greeting. I could feel his gaze on me as I watched the boys.
“I’m glad I ran into you. Since Channing has the weekend off, I’d like to take this Friday off,” I told him. I chuckled at the boys, before looking over at Mr. Blake. He was watching me intently.
“That’s not a problem, is it?” I asked, watching him, watching me. I
wish he was easier to read.
“What do you have planned for the weekend?” He asked.
“One of my old friends has a cabin up in the mountains by a lake. I try to get out there a few times a year, to visit.” I told him. He let out a low growl, crossing his arms over his massive chest.
“You and this old friend?” He gritted out, not meeting my gaze, as he
turned to watch the boys.
“I’m not sure his wife would appreciate what you are thinking.” I chuckled, trying to break this awkward cloud around us. I didn’t expect to have to explain myself. And usually, I wouldn’t.
His gaze snapped to mine, and I could see him physically relax as he blew out a breath.
“Oh,” was all he managed to say. Did he believe I was meeting up with a lover?
“They are like grandparents to Channing. Walter has the boat out and wants to take Channing fishing.” I told him. I didn’t need to explain but I knew Channing would tell Aspen and the news would get back to Mr. Blake.
“That sounds like fun.”
“I was planning on leaving after Channing’s training,” I confirmed and he sighed.
“And you’ll be back Monday?”
“Yep, Monday morning. Unless I get eaten by a bear,” I said, nonchalantly. I could feel his gaze as I watched the boys again.
“Well, I guess I should go get ready for work. Thank you and have a good day,” I told him, before I jogged away, heading home.
“What’s up with the alpha?” I asked Lily.
“I think he was jealous,” she purred and I rolled my eyes. Even if he was, nothing is ever going to happen between us.
“Yeah, right? Just make sure you keep your legs tight so he can’t smell
how much you don’t want him,” she snickered.
“F**k off,” I huffed.
“Oh come on. This is the first guy that has made you all hot and bothered in a long time,” she retorted.
“Maybe, but he is an alpha and Channing’s best friend’s dad. He is off limits.” I told her, firmly. She let out a whimper before retreating. What about this alpha has her all hot and bothered? Sure, he is extremely good-looking, but I’m sure he would be more so if he would keep his mouth shut. Shaking my head, I headed into the house to get ready
Walking into the pack house, ready for more boxes, I ran into the alpha talking to someone familiar.
“Aiden?” I exclaimed.
“Ryley, it’s good to see you. I heard you and Channing were here.” He said. I gave the alpha a knowing look before giving Aiden a quick hug.
“How is Isabelle?” I asked. I could feel the alpha’s gaze and the heat of his b*dy as he stood so close, I would brush against him if I moved. The thought of our bodies touching, excited me. But I quickly thought of something else. I could hear Lily snickering as I thought of spiders, which I hate.
“She’s doing good. I know she would love to get together while you are here.” He grinned.
“I’ll text her. I’ll let you get back. Sorry for the interruption, Mr. Blake.” I gave them both a nod before heading up the stairs to my office. I had to get away from the alpha. What the hell was he doing to me?
286 Vouche
I pulled out my phone and texted Isabelle. I’ve met her a few times at corporate parties and we were instant friends. But then she moved to be with her mate. After hitting send, I got to work on the rest of the boxes.
The plan was for me to finish the boxes and then someone would scan all the documents. And when that was happening, I would focus on a company that is already digital. This is going to be along few weeks. But I was curious to see how the former alpha ran his companies. Clearly, under Mr. Blake, the pack has risen to the most wealthy and powerful pack. Back in the day, that would have been held by my father.
“It’s a good thing everyone thinks we are dead,” Lily chimed in.
“I am curious to see if the former alpha had any dealings with my father. I know he didn’t always have clean hands but I wanted to fix that. I didn’t even get the chance to fix his mistakes.” I sighed.
“And one day, that mate of ours will pay,” Lily growled.
Our mate was a sore spot for us. We were planning on making him the alpha of our pack even before we knew he was our fated mate. I thought he loved me, but in the end, he was just using me to get my pack. Which he got in the end.


Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 17, 2023
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