Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 10

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Chapter 10

Chapter Ten
Alpha Blake
I was hitting the weights in the gym when Aspen mind-linked me to tell me my beta was getting his a*s kicked on the training field. What the hell was going on? Sighing, I grabbed my shirt before making my way to the field. It was a quick walk and I greeted pack members as I passed them. With everything going on, I needed a moment alone to work out this pent-up frustration.
“Yeah, cuz jerking it in the shower for an hour, didn’t help,” Gunner snickered. I ignored my wolf. He has been putting nothing but d*rty images in my mind since we met Ryley, yesterday.
He started purring like a kitten as I walked upon the scene of her kicking my beta’s a*s. Her technique was flawless and effortless as she took him down again and again. Everyone who was supposed to be training was now standing around watching the show.
I stepped beside her son, Channing as Ryley was helping my beta up from his back. She had fl*pped him and knocked the air from his lungs. He was breathing hard and covered in sweat. Ryley didn’t even look like she had worked out.
“What is going on?” I demanded. Both of them looked over at me and Aspen rushed over to me.
“She was awesome, Dad. I think she’s even better than you,” he exclaimed, and I pushed my l*ps into a line.
“It’s my fault, Alpha Blake. I asked Beta Luca if I could train and since my mom is the one who trained me, he wanted to see her skills.”
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Channing confessed.
“Mom? She’s your mom?” Aspen said, awestruck. Openly checking Ryley out.
“Aspen, why don’t you take Channing to your group,’ I ordered.
“Yes, sir,’ Channing looked at his mother for approval.
“It’s okay, sweetie, go train,” she told him. He k*ssed her cheek before following Aspen.
“Dude, I can’t believe that’s your mom,” I heard my son and I shook my head. She can hear you, you idiot.
“You alright?” I asked my beta as he was loudly trying to catch his breath.
“She’s fast,” he panted and Ryley chuckled.
“You were a good warm-up,” she shrugged and that made me laugh. How the hell can my beta be a good warm-up to a lone wolf?
I looked over at her and she was smiling, looking across the field. I followed her gaze to where Aspen and Channing were goofing around and laughing. She looked even more beautiful with a smile on her face.
“So, do you want to tell me who trained you?”
“My father,” she said nonchalantly.
“And no, I’m not telling you who he was,” she said, turning to face me. Who he was? Did he die? Instead of pushing her, I changed the subject.
“Channing would like to train with my pack?” She sighed as she looked between me and Luca.
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“Yes. I told him we could speak to you about the schedule before he decides if he’ll get a part-time job or just start a few online classes.” She said. I thought for a moment before asking my beta.
“Don’t we need another trainer for the younger kids over the summer?”
“I think we do, I know Aspen was trying to recruit but everyone usually has plans.” He answered.
“How about Channing can train with the pack and he can also work as a trainer?” I asked her. She stared at me, biting her lower l*p and I wanted nothing more than to bite it myself. She finally sighed, and crossed her arms over her chest, amplifying her cleavage.
“And what do you want from me?” She asked.
“Just to f*ck you until you can’t walk,” Gunner purred and I was glad she couldn’t hear my horn dog of a wolf.
“Why would you think I would want something?” Is this not what she wanted?
“So, you’re just going to accept my lone wolf son?” She exclaimed, her voice full of doubt and worry.
We just stared at each other, even after Luca excused himself. Neither one of us wanted to back down, even though I was confused about what she wanted. I cleared my throat and looked away when Aspen and Channing approached us.
“Mom?” Channing asked, concerned. She grabbed his arm and smiled.
“So, you want to train, and I heard you are also looking for a job for the summer?” I asked him.
“Yes, sir. I was also planning on taking a few online classes,” he told
Chapter Te
“And we will have to find you an ice rink or even a summer team,” Ryley chimed in.
“Dude, you play hockey?” Aspen asked him, smacking his arm.
“Yeah. I’m hoping to get a sports scholarship. It will make paying for college easier,” he shrugged.
“And what do you plan on studying or are you planning on being a professional hockey player?”
“Pediatric surgeon. I’ll only have time to play during permed,” he told me and I was impressed.
“Come to my office this afternoon and I’ll give you your training schedule and your new work schedule,” his face lit up.
“Thank you, sir.” I gave him a nod.
“Mom, I’m going to go out with Aspen,” he said, turning to his mother.
“Sure, but you should go home and shower first. And make sure you grab the card and..”
“And no speeding,” he finished and she huffed, rolling her eyes.
“Okay, I’ll stop but make sure you have your phone, a house key, and don’t forget to see Mr. Blake.” She finished and he gave her a side hug before k*ssing her temple.
Seeing them together caused my heart to twist painfully. I wish Aspen would have been able to have a mother-son relationship, just like them.
“Channing, I think my dad likes you more than me,” I heard Aspen say
as the two of them walked away toward the pack house.
“You must be proud,” I said and I could feel her gaze on me as I watched the field with my warriors training.
“If you treat him any differently, there is nowhere you’ll be able to hide.” Her voice was a low growl.
“I’ll see you Monday, Mr. Blake.” I turned to watch her jog towards the path that leads to the house I had set up for her.
“She is fearlessly protective. I’ll give her that,” Gunner chimed in.
“I think she believes she can take me.” I told him, as I walked back to the pack house.
“With the way she man-handled our beta, I believe her.”

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

Fated to my Enemy by Diane Doherty Novel Full Episode

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