Ex-Husband’s Endless Pestering by Susie Cecillia Chapter 1

Ex-Husband’s Endless Pestering by Susie Cecillia Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The Secret Husband Of Josie

Autumn in Hofcaster was very cold, giving its residents an illusion that winter had arrived overnight.

Josie Yates stood in front of the bus stop sign and listened to the girls gossiping beside her.

“Have you seen the entertainment headlines? Ashley’s sugar daddy has been revealed. They came out of a hotel while holding hands intimately!”

“Like I said. She must have a sugar daddy for having so many resources immediately after debuting! This confirms it this time.”

“The statement that Ashley’s studio gave was also ambiguous. It was along the lines of ‘may lovers all over the world live happily ever after.'”

Josie turned on her phone and glanced at the entertainment news splattered across every news website as though wanting the whole world to know about Ashley’s benefactor.

Her breathing turned jagged. The second Josie turned off her phone, the screen was drenched with tears.

That photo was taken just right. Even if others couldn’t recognize him, she knew him.

It was Henry Gibson. The husband she married secretly three years ago.

“The bus is here! Let’s hurry up, or there will be no seats left!”

Josie was pushed into the bus by a group of strangers. Her body had turned stiff from the numbness and was squeezed against the window.

Everywhere in the city was covered with Ashley’s endorsements. It showed how much the benefactor behind the popular celebrity was willing to splurge on her.

She glanced ironically at the reflection of herself in the window glass. She looked ridiculous compared with Ashley under the spotlight.

Henry never mentioned Josie to anyone, so no one knew about her existence.

After leaving the house, anything that happened to Josie had nothing to do with Henry, whether she took the bus or ran until she broke her legs. He didn’t care about her and wouldn’t ask about it.

Josie got off in advance from being pushed by the crowd.

Josie twisted her ankle in the process. Her face paled from the excruciating pain.

A black Maybach passed her by, and Josie knew it was Henry in that car, but he didn’t stop. She didn’t expect him to stop.

In broad daylight, Henry would leave her dying on the road in order to avoid suspicion.

When she got home, Josie took off her shoes tiredly and examined her red and swollen ankle.

The sudden pricking pain in her stomach almost sent Josie to the floor.

“Where did you go last night?” Sitting on the couch, Henry had changed into his casual clothes as he asked in a cold voice.

“I spent the night at Maddy’s house,” Josie replied calmly. She wanted nothing more than to go back to her room at that moment.

“Did you see the entertainment news?” Henry took a sip of coffee with a stony face. “Ashley has just debuted in the entertainment industry, so she needs to be in the headlines. Don’t take it seriously.”

Josie’s fingers stiffened as she looked over her shoulder at Henry. “You don’t have to explain.”

Henry frowned. Displeasure was written all over his handsome face. “Are you angry?”

Josie smiled ironically. “No.”

“Josie, I already told you nothing will threaten your status no matter what I do outside.” Henry was getting a little impatient.

The women outside were for the sake of socializing. As long as Josie was obedient, she would always be Henry’s legal wife.

It was a position many women dreamed of.

Josie’s lips curled into a sarcastic smile. The painful pangs in her stomach were getting worse.

Cold sweat soon soaked her hair. Hiding in the room, Josie thought the pain would ebb if she endured it.

However, she felt something wrong with the pain.

She had stayed by Henry’s side for three years like a shadow.

Henry only married her for the full inheritance right to Gibson Corporation.

It was ironic that Henry was just the adopted son of the Gibson family.

Yet he was the successor John Gibson had raised.

Josie, on the other hand, was the eldest daughter of the Gibson family.


Josie couldn’t bear the pain in her stomach, so she walked out of the room but fell to the ground.

With her sprained ankle and the pain in her stomach, Josie wanted Henry to take her to the hospital.


Henry came out of the bathroom and saw Josie on the ground.

“My stomach hurts. Can you…” Josie’s voice was trembling. She didn’t know what was going on.

However, at that moment, Henry’s phone rang, interrupting Josie.

“Mr. Gibson, Ashley has gotten into a car accident!”

Henry’s face turned somber. He shot to his feet.

At that moment, Josie saw the panic in Henry’s eyes.

“Jo, is it just a stomachache? Go to the hospital by yourself. Something urgent came up at work. I have to go.”

In Henry’s eyes, Josie was omnipotent. She could handle everything on her own.

Josie stared at Henry as numbness spread through her. She wasn’t deaf, so she heard what was said on the phone.

Ashley Long.

That celebrity had a car accident.

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Ex-Husband’s Endless Pestering by Susie Cecillia

Ex-Husband’s Endless Pestering by Susie Cecillia

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For three years, Josie was married to Henry, but she was his secret wife. She could never reveal their relationship to the public and so, Henry took advantage of that. He was never around to care for or love Josie. When Josie was bleeding out due to ectopic pregnancy, he was not by her side. Instead, he was having the time of his life, staying over at an actress' house... When Josie was finally discharged from the hospital, safe but was left unattended, Henry was nowhere to be found again. He was spending money frivolously on another woman, busy throwing a birthday party for the actress.Josie finally decided that that was enough. After getting a divorce resolutely, Josie began living her brand new life. Henry, on the other hand, was devastated. He finally realized he could not live without Josie. As if he had gone crazy, Henr tried everything he could to win his ex-wife back. Nonetheless, Josie did not love him anymore... ▲


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