Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 188

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 188

Chapter 188 

Aria could see what Lilac was trying to do. She wanted to call for the guards out there. But, if she did so, Aria wouldn’t have a chance to tell her about something important

Yes, this room was guarded, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t find a way to enter this area. After all, she was born here, this pack was her house and she had been roaming around the pack house for a few years now

Especially when Lilac was under luna Jasmine’s tutelage, Aria would often be in this pack house, of course, she’ knew every corner of this place

A few guards at the door wouldn’t be able to stop her from coming into this bedroom

If you wanted to call the guards, you can do it after you listened to me.Aria pleaded with her. She only wanted to redeem what she had done to her and this was her only way to do so. Please, Lilac, listen to me for this one time. This will save you.” 

Lilac looked at her sharply. I have listened to you twice and even gave you the second chance, but you always let me down every time. What made you think that I will listen to you again right now?Lilac narrowed her eyes dangerously at Aria. Her disappointment on her resurfaced, along with her anger

You have nothing to lose if you listened to me first. This is about the baby in your womb. This is about the safety of your baby.Aria had thought carefully about what she was going to say and bring up her baby would definitely put Lilac on attention and that was all she needed right now

And Aria was right about that. Lilac was immediately on alert with the mention of her baby, she looked at her closely, as she stood up from her bed. They were only three steps away from each other. “What do you mean with my baby?” 

Aria took a deep breath, she was relief that Lilac gave her a chance to speak

That woman,Aria started immediately, she glanced at the door, afraid that the woman would come inside. Thankfully, this room was spacious enough, thus the guards out there couldn’t smell her scent from behind the door, but it worked the other way around too. That woman, who always with you.” 


Yes. Her.Aria nodded. She tried to poison you.” 


Chapter 188 


Lilac stared at Aria. How she could believe her after what she had done to her and Aria knew that. She was well 

aware that it was not an easy task to convince Lilac that she was trying to help her, instead of harming her

Lilac, you have to believe me. She put something inside the cookies that she made. I saw it with my own eyes.” 

She made cookies, why do you think that she wouldn’t put anything inside?Lilac growled dangerously at Aria. Not only this woman was trying to slender Raya’s name, but she was also giving a ridiculous accusation

Who would believe such accusation? Lilac was livid, she really wanted to kick her out of this room. 

Lilac, I know how to make cookies too, do you think I didn’t know about what kind of ingredient that to put inside?” 

It’s different.” 

you need 

Lilac, I know what I saw.” 

If this is a harmful ingredient, what do you think it is?Lilac challenged her. She was still listening because she was talking about the safety of her baby, but now she was on the verge of calling for the guard

It’s a leave. It’s a black leave. I don’t know what is that, but I am sure, it’s not something common that you put inside cookies.” Aria felt like crying when she tried to convince Lilac about this. I have tried to look for that black leave, but I don’t know what is that. That black leave is not something that you can find in the Golden Claw pack.” 

Lilac was still thinking of an ingredient that Raya could only find in their pack and it added to the taste of the cookies, but she couldn’t shake this feeling

Probably because she took extra precaution with her pregnancy, thus she became a little bit paranoid about everything that she ate

Didn’t you feel anything strange recently after you ate that?Aria was so desperate now. She came here when 

she saw Raya made those cookies again and she had that black leaf with her che put the black leave inside the 

cookies secretly, Lilac. If that’s normal ingredient, why would she tried to hide it?” 

Lilac didn’t answer that, but she went very silence. She stared at Aria, but she couldn’t tell whether she was telling the truth or not, since she had lied to her a few times, it was hard to trust her again

I am pregnant, of course. I will feel strange.Lilac looked stoic, as if she didn’t care about anything else and this 



Chapter 188 

frustrated Aria even more

She tried to argue with her, but in the end, she stopped trying to convince Lilac

I know I have done you a grief mistake. I know what I have done must have made you lost all of your trust in me. I can understand that. But, I will not harm your baby. I will never do that. I came here with all the risk that I might face to warn you. If you want to believe me or not, it will be up to you.Aria looked sad. She stared at her stomach. I only hope I can redeem all of my wrongdoings and see you and the baby are healthy.” 

After saying that, Aria didn’t wish to have any argumentation. She had done her part, trying to force Lilac to believe what she said would only make her distrusted her more, so she stopped

Let fate to guide her heart and help her see clearly. 

After Aria left the room, Lilac stood there silently as she stared at the sky outside. It was already close to afternoon. She wondered what Hunter was doing

This matter before her eyes was too confusing and if Raya indeed had the intention to harm her, what the reason of her doing so? She had never treated her badly, she was her close friend. She was closer to her than the other two. She was the first person that she informed about her pregnancy

Why would Raya wanted to harm her? That was all beyond her. Lilac felt her head hurt

Black leafLilac mumbled to herself

And after a few more minutes contemplated about what she was going to do, she went to the door and found Gavin and the other two warriors there. They greeted her politely

HmLilac looked hesitant when she was about to ask about this. I want to ask something.” 

What is it, luna?Gavin asked. All of them looked very serious, thinking this was a very important matter because the luna looked very uncomfortable

Have you ever seen black leaf? Is there something like that near the pack?she asked

You meant the lycan pack?Gavin asked. He thought about it for a while

Oh, the Crow leaf!One of the guards suddenly remembered about something



Chapter 188 

Crow leaf?Lilac frowned, she had never heard anything about that kind of leaf before. What is that?” 

All of them recalled the same thing too. Oh, right. Crow leaf has black leaf.” 

What is that?” 

Gavin then explained to her that it was a plant that grew near the Gerrerear mountain, not many people knew about this plant, because it didn’t bring any benefit

You can say this is rather poisonous leaf.” 

Lilac’s heart lurched when she heard that. What do you mean poisonous?” 

WellI am not sure about that, but I heard it will weaken your body. It’s not really harmful that could cause. your death, but it’s not a good thing to be consumed if you were in the mountain.” 

If you wanted to know more about it, you need to ask a healer.” 

Lilac nodded. She didn’t really listen what they were saying, because she was deep in thought, as she stared at the floor and Gavin noticed the trouble look on her expression

Is there something that bothering you, luna?Gavin furrowed his brows

At first, they didn’t really like this luna, since she was not a lycan, but as time went by, they rather liked her and after spending time together quite often, they were also fond of her

I have a request, but I don’t want you to tell anyone about this.” 

What is it?” 

Lilac didn’t know whether she could believe them or not, but she was willing to give it a shot. They might betray her too

After all, the people in her life tended to betray her at some point and if Raya was indeed tried to harm her and the baby, she really didn’t know who else she could call as a friend

The three warriors listened to Lilac’s request, they kept saying that it was impossible, but then promised her to get what she wanted


υπαρισι 100 


A few hours later, Raya returned with her cookies, but Lilac was sleeping and when she tried to wake her up, she told her to put the cookies on the table and she would eat it later, since she was too tired and sleepy

However, after Raya left, a healer came to the room

I want you to check that.” 

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: December 30, 2023 Native Language: English

How To Read Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Novel

Aiden brought a woman who was three months pregnant with him after he had been away for a year because of the war between the werewolf and the lycan and because of that, he had to reject his destined mate, Lilac. At the same time, as part of the peace treaty, the lycan alpha came to their pack, to attend a party.   It was then when Lilac met Hunter for the first time. The rude, boorish and vulgar alpha. But, what shocked her the most was the fact that Hunter asked for Lilac to be his mate as a symbol of peace between the two packs.

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

It was not only Lilac, who was shocked with the request, but Aiden as well, since he had never thought his rejected mate would be away from the pack. He adamant to refuse that, but then, he was still not an alpha yet, since his father was still the leader of the pack.


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