Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 187

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 187

Chapter 187 

As the luna of the pack, luna Jasmine decided to come to see her mate off, despite her resentment toward him. She was still very bitter about the fact he had betrayed her

However, she had to keep what was left of her dignity intact and acted as the luna of the pack

That was when she saw Lilac. She wanted to have her company. Despite everything, there was time when she thought of her as her own daughter

Especially now when she was put into the same position like her. The betrayal of her own mate, made her understand what kind of pain Lilac had gone through at that time

Watching Ruby to be with Aiden, flaunting her pregnancy without any trace of shame must be not an easy thing for her

Now, luna Jasmine felt her

Long time no see, Lilac,luna Jasmine said. She smiled at her genuinely. After being in bad terms for this long, she felt a little bit awkward to have face to face conversation with Lilac, but then the familiarity was still there

Long time no see, luna Jasmine,” Lilac greeted her the same way, she looked at the luna and was a little bit surprised to see how she was

For someone, who used to see her on top of her game and was very concern with her appearance, it was a shock for Lilac to see her right now

She looked a few years older and looked very tired, as if she would collapse any moment, as if she had to endure all the hardship in her entire life at the same time

However, Lilac could mask her shock really well. She smiled at her too, as if the past few months had never happened

I need to congratulate you for your pregnancy,luna Jasmine said. She nodded at her stomach, her eyes turned misty because she wished the baby was Aiden’s. It would be very beautiful. How far long you are right now?” 

Thank you, luna Jasmine.” Lilac used to call her mother, but ever since that day, she stopped it and there was this sadness in luna Jasmine’s eyes when she remembered that. I am almost four months.” 

Luna Jasmine nodded. You need to take a good care of your health.” 

Thank you.” 

After that, the situation became a little bit awkward as the carriage started moving. Lilac didn’t know what to say and luna Jasmine didn’t say anything

But after a long stretched silence, luna Jasmine finally spoke first

I feel you,luna Jasmine started. I feel what you felt when Aiden betrayed you.” 

Lilac was surprised when she said that, because she didn’t expect luna Jasmine would bring up this topic. Of course, Lilac knew what happened. Hunter told her everything, also about his plan that went too wellwith luna Jasmine

Yet, Lilac had to feign her knowledge about that. What do you mean, luna Jasmine? Alpha James loves you so much. He is the best example of a faithful mate.” 

Lilac didn’t mean to resent luna Jasmine, but the word just came out of her mouth, probably she was still holding a grudge about what happened without even she knowing it


Chapter 187 

Luna Jasmine chuckled lightly when she heard that. I wished you were right.” 

But, after that, luna Jasmine didn’t say anything, which made Lilac fell into silence again, the carriage was very quiet and as she stared at the sky that slowly turned brighter, she spoke softly to luna Jasmine

Everything will pass, even the pain will pass too,Lilac said gently

How can you keep up with the pain?” 

Lilac turned her head and looked at luna Jasmine softly. My pain can’t be compared with you, luna Jasmine. Aiden did not mark me yet when I rejected him and I didn’t have a child with him.” She took luna Jasmine’s hands. But, I know that you are a strong woman. You deserved someone better.” 

Luna Jasmine shook her head. I have spent my last twenty five years together with him. It’s too late for me to get away from this mess. I will be with him until the end.” 

Even when you are being hurt?Lilac frowned

You are right, Lilac. Our pain is different and I think I will bring this pain to my death bed. Deep down, with or without the mate bond, I still love and care for him.” 

Even when her love for her son was bigger, but it didn’t mean, she could put aside the years she was together with James

I understand.” Lilac nodded

It meant, even when the pack went down and alpha James would face difficulty, luna Jasmine wouldn’t severe the mate bond between them. Somehow, Lilac envied her determination

I hope everything went well for you, luna Jasmine.” 

Can you call me mother?Luna Jasmine tried to keep her emotions in check, but she couldn’t. Her voice was slightly trembling when she asked this

For the last one year when Lilac was under her tutelage, she had grown very attach to her, which made her think as her as if she was her own

Everything will be alright, mother,Lilac said, which made luna Jasmine hugged her. She didn’t cry out loud, but Lilac knew that the luna was crying. She held her so tight, as if she was trying to put all of her trouble at rest for a while

This was the only thing that felt familiar for Jasmine. Lilac gave her a comfort that she really needed the most at time like this

Thankfully, she was still sane enough not to ask Lilac to persuade Hunter to change the plan, like she asked James, because it would be very disrespectful

Luna Jasmine knew it would be overstretched to ask Lilac for that favor and she didn’t bring Aiden often in this short conversation

Thank you, Lilac, thank you.Luna Jasmine felt like everyone had left her, the mate that should be the shoulder to cry on was betraying her, the son that she wanted to see, turned to be a traitor for the whole pack

And the only thing that felt family was only Lilac. She loved this girl. She hoped fate could change and she would have her again

After that carriage ride, Lilac went separated way with luna Jasmine. She got off the carriage once they arrived at the pack house and after a few words, they walked away

What were you talking about with her?Raya asked out of curiosity, she followed behind Lilac as they returned to her 


Chapter 187 



Nothing.” Lilac couldn’t tell Raya about this, because actually, there was nothing important that they were talking about, all the conversation was more emotional

Raya pursed her lips. You didn’t want to tell me anything now, you used to tell me everything. You are keeping a secret from me.” 

Lilac chuckied. There is something that you should keep to yourself, Raya,she said calmly

Well, you are right. But, I don’t like that luna after what she had done to you,” she said truthfully

She had done bad thing, but she also did good thing. I am thankful that you are angry on my behalf, but you didn’t need to do that, because I am no longer angry at her.” 

Raya clamped her mouth. You are too kind, Lilac. Sometimes, you need to be a little bit rude and vengeful to your enemy.” 

She is not my enemy, Raya,Lilac said, she was frowning a little because she didn’t know where Raya was coming from with all of this hatred

She was thankful that she was angry on her behalf, but to feel vengeful on her behalf? That was too much

Okay, you must be hungry! I will make you some cookies that you like! How’s it?Raya clapped her hands when she saw the way Lilac looked at her

Let me help you,Lilac said. I don’t have anything to do.” 

No.Raya refused her immediately. I don’t need any help. You need to get some rest, I know that you were having fun last night, you must be very sore, right?” 

Lilac blushed, she wanted to lie, but her face and expression didn’t want to cooperate. More so, Raya always refused her help whenever she made her these cookies

But, on top of that, Raya was actually right, because she felt a little bit tired. She wanted to lay down and fall asleep

Probably it was because of the pregnancy, that was why she felt easily tired

Okay.Lilac nodded

After that, Raya left Lilac in the bedroom alone, Gavin and two guards stood in front of her bedroom to guard the area

Meanwhile, it didn’t take long for Lilac to fall asleep. She was very sleepy, her anxiety toward Hunter was forgotten for


But, before she could really fall asleep, she heard something. There was a rattling sound from the window, which made her furrowed her brows. Her bedroom was on the second floor, it must be the wind or the branch from the tree

However, she smelled this familiar scent, coming closer toward her, which forced her to open her eyes

Aria?Lilac was immediately on alert, she sat down and looked at the door. Gavin and the warriors must be right outside, she could scream for their help and they would take care of Aria

But, Aria immediately pleaded with her to keep silence

Please, don’t. There is something important I need to tell you.” 


Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: December 30, 2023 Native Language: English

How To Read Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Novel

Aiden brought a woman who was three months pregnant with him after he had been away for a year because of the war between the werewolf and the lycan and because of that, he had to reject his destined mate, Lilac. At the same time, as part of the peace treaty, the lycan alpha came to their pack, to attend a party.   It was then when Lilac met Hunter for the first time. The rude, boorish and vulgar alpha. But, what shocked her the most was the fact that Hunter asked for Lilac to be his mate as a symbol of peace between the two packs.

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

It was not only Lilac, who was shocked with the request, but Aiden as well, since he had never thought his rejected mate would be away from the pack. He adamant to refuse that, but then, he was still not an alpha yet, since his father was still the leader of the pack.


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