Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 186

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Chapter 186

Chapter 186 

Hunter returned late at night, because they were going to Cralys mountain early in the morning, which meant, he only had around four hours to sleep

However, when he came, Lilac had not yet fallen asleep, she actually waited for him. She immediately stood up and threw herself at her mate the moment she saw him

Why you have not yet slept?Hunter welcomed the hug and squeezed her body lightly, as she let out an adorable moan, which made him smile

This was only a simple little thing, but he loved it. He loved to spend his time with Lilac, no matter how short it was

I am waiting for you,Lilac said. You will go tomorrow, but you just returned now. I am worried.” 

There is nothing for you to be worried about,Hunter took her back to the bed and tucked her in, but Lilac clutched his cloak to stop him from leaving

I need to clean myself first.Hunter kissed Lilac’s forehead. She had been very clingy lately. I will go for a while, okay.” 

No. I will help you,Lilac said, she was beaming, which made Hunter raised his brows

How do you want to help me?Hunter bent his body, right now his face was only an inch away from hers and this made Lilac blushed. She blinked her eyes and tried to act nonchalantly, but of course, the alpha wouldn’t buy it. Hm? Tell me in detail.” 

I can help to wash your hair.” 

And then?” 

I can help you with something else.” 

Such as?” 

I don’t know.Lilac bit her lip, she lifted her head and looked at him defiantly which made the alpha clenched his jaw. This woman was flirting with him! What do you think I can help you with?” 

There are a lot of things that you can help me with, but I am afraid you will be too tired to do all of that.” 

I am strong, you know.” 

Really?There was this mischievous look in his eyes when he whispered to her ear. I remembered you were the one, who asked to stop the other night.” 

This time, Lilac was not only blushing, she could feel her face turned very hot and the red color spread to her neck and her chest as well. Her body shivered when his warm breath caressed her skin

This was too much, this man was teasing her back

However, Lilac didn’t back down, instead she licked his ear. If one asked her why she did that, she didn’t know the answer too, because she simply wanted to do it, but it gave a great affect on Hunter

The alpha let out a deep, dangerous growled, which made Lilac’s body shivered with anticipation. She did it again, but this time Hunter put his hand on her shoulders and pushed her slightly away from him, just in case she would try that trick again

Why your expression is like that?Lilac asked innocently, she was not done yet. She wanted to make Hunter went crazy


Chapter 186 

Hunter was staring at her for a while, he knew that she was well aware of what she was doing. It seemed, his mate had become very bold lately, should he give her a little bit of punishment


You are being naughty now,Hunter said breathlessly

Lilac pressed her lips, she stared back at him, her clear eyes were enticing. What are you going to do now?she asked

Let’s see, what I am going to do with you….Hunter carried her to the bathroom stood her in front of him

When they were standing face to face like this, you could see the different in height and body between them two

Undress me,Hunter said, his voice was dark. You said, you are going to help.” 


Lilac’s eyes lit up when she heard that, though she feigned to pout when she took off his cloak. She did it very slowly, which made Hunter became very impatient and she enjoyed his frustration

Are you trying to play this game with me, hm?Hunter asked in his dark voice. He watched how Lilac intentionally caressed his clothes before she pulled it up, enjoying her time

What game?Lilac asked innocently. I am helping you to take off your clothes, am I not?” 


Hunter nodded and let her do whatever she wanted. She wouldn’t do it the whole night, she was being impatient too

In the end, when all of his clothes and pants dropped on the bathroom floor, Hunter simply ripped her dress in one swift move, which made Lilac screeched

I like that dressNow she couldn’t wear it anymore

will buy you new one. As many as you wanted.Hunter carried her to the bath up and put her inside

I like that,” Lilac said, as Hunter sat behind her and she leaned against his chest. She could feel how hard he was, but his touch was very gentle when he caressed her breasts from behind

You like this one?Hunter pinched her nipple, purposely mistake the meaning of her word, which made Lilac gasped, but then she chuckled

I thought you are going to be rough with me, I have prepared myself.” 

Not tonight,Hunter said, as he kissed her ear. I want to make love with you. I will punish you next time.” 

Actually, the alpha simply worried of her body, because they had done it before when she was in heat, even after he saw Lilac was fine, he couldn’t help, but thinking he was too rough with her and it would be too much for their baby

Of course, after she gave birth, he wouldn’t hold himself back

Lilac closed her eyes, she enjoyed this quiet night

The next day, Lilac woke up late, but Hunter shook her body before he left, because his mate had threatened him to wake her 

up no matter what

Lilac would be very pissed if she missed this

Do I late?Lilac immediately sat down. She felt dizzy and Hunter chided her lightly

You don’t need to be very anxious like this, I will go for a while,” Hunter said, he helped her to lean against the pillow that he had arranged behind her. Here, you need to eat something before you went out.” 


could tell not long the sunlight would brighten up the horizon

I am worried,Lilac finally admitted. I don’t want anything happened to you. Can’t you stay here?” 

There is nothing will happen to me,” Hunter reassured her, he kissed her forehead and lips. He took the empty glass and put a plate of meat that had been cut into small pieces on her lap. I will return as soon as possible.” 

Lilac lowered her head and munched on her meat

After she finished half of the plate, she pushed it away, she didn’t feel like she could eat anything. And then it was the time for Hunter to leave

I want to walk you to the gate,Lilac said, she was being stubborn 

now, but she didn’t care much about it

You don’t need to.Hunter didn’t want to tire her out, last night she didn’t sleep enough, if it was not because she threatened him, he wouldn’t wake her up

However, it seemed, Hunter had to be more stern with this mate of his, because in less than ten minutes, Lilac was happily jumped into the carriage with him

Hunter would be in the carriage until the gate before he joined the rest of the warriors and the other alphas, heading toward Cralys mountain

You will be the death of meHunter said in hoarse voice, as Lilac grinded her body, she was sitting on his lap and watched his expression

You don’t like it?Lilac slipped her finger down his mouth and kissed his neck

I like itHunter said hoarsely

This ride wouldn’t be smooth for both of them, but thankfully, they didn’t do anything too roughly, thus not many people realized what they were doing inside

And when the time for Hunter to really leave her, Lilac couldn’t help, but hugged him tightly

You need to come back to me.” 

“I will.” 

After that, Hunter went out of the carriage and shifted into his beast. He joined with the rest of the beast and left to the mountain. There were not many of them, but it was enough for this attack

Meanwhile, aside from Lilac, there was luna Jasmine’s carriage as well

Let’s go,Lilac said to Gavin, after all the warriors were no longer could be seen. The sky had turned bright by now

However, Raya came to the carriage and inform Lilac that luna Jasmine wanted to have a conversation with her in her carriage

Why?Lilac frowned

I don’t know.” Raya shook her head

Inside her carriage?This wouldn’t be the first time Lilac rode a carriage with luna Jasmine, but she wondered what she wanted to talk about

Should I decline?” 


Chapter 186 

Lilac contemplated about it for a while, but then she shook her head. I will go to see her.She didn’t think it was polite to turn down the invitation

More so, Lilac was curious about what luna Jasmine wanted to talk about with her

With the help of Raya, Lilac got off the carriage and went to the next carriage that was a little bit bigger

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

Score 9.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: December 30, 2023 Native Language: English

How To Read Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare Novel

Aiden brought a woman who was three months pregnant with him after he had been away for a year because of the war between the werewolf and the lycan and because of that, he had to reject his destined mate, Lilac. At the same time, as part of the peace treaty, the lycan alpha came to their pack, to attend a party.   It was then when Lilac met Hunter for the first time. The rude, boorish and vulgar alpha. But, what shocked her the most was the fact that Hunter asked for Lilac to be his mate as a symbol of peace between the two packs.

Belong to the Lycan Alpha by Jikanyotomare

It was not only Lilac, who was shocked with the request, but Aiden as well, since he had never thought his rejected mate would be away from the pack. He adamant to refuse that, but then, he was still not an alpha yet, since his father was still the leader of the pack.


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