Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 126

Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 126

Chapter 126 


I wrapped my arms around Yasmin, holding her to my chest as she let out a heavy breath

Her eyes met mine and she tightened her arms around me, hugging me tightly. She let out a sob, and I kissed her temple, letting my lips linger there for a moment before looking at the rogue’s body as he lay

His heart stopped completely, and I knew that his death was the reason behind the compulsion break

What happened?Yasmin asked, whimpering as I put her down. I looked at Matias who ran toward her father. He hugged her tightly, and I looked down at my feet, avoiding his eyes. I didn’t even know how the man felt right now

He was worried sick, and I knew had I not had the motion of stealth, I knew that I wouldn’t have been able to hold her


Shh, baby.” Matias whispered to her, hugging her tightly. Enzo looked at me and I smiled, nodding at him. However, the man didn’t smile back, and I understood why; Alonso’s scent filled our nostrils

Do you want to take him?I asked, and he shook his head. He looked away from me, and I could see the pain in his eyes

He is beside his mother. I am not going to take him from her, he wouldn’t understand what is going on, and he wouldn’t know how to handle the pain.Enzo said, not bothering to say a word for a few moments. He looked up at the stairs one more time, and I knew that it was the last time that we would be entering this place without more blood than the one released. This war was just getting started, and I knew that both Jacob and Katherine crossed a limit beyond return this time

started, and I knew that both Jacob 

Kill the men that you find, and don’t touch the women and their children. If they fight back and force you to do so, then don’t hesitate. Those who are mothering children, give them the choice before doing so.” Enzo said, knowing that the men were listening as he looked at them over his shoulder. A trait of honor that we always had. To never lay a hand on a woman unless we had to. Leonardo, you take Yasmin and Matias toward the house. They are going to need to rest.” 

And you?I asked, and he looked down at his feet for a moment. He shook his head, and I nodded, understanding that he needed to clear his mind. I couldn’t blame him; the man was in conflict, and he was going to need to clear his mind if he was going to fight this war properly

I have a few things that I need to get done,he said, and I nodded. I’ll meet you back at the house.” 

“Yes, Alpha.I said, looking at Yasmin. Her eyes met mine for a moment, and I nodded in assurance, knowing that this was going to be a lesson that she wasn’t going to forget. Going out when we were at war was not a good option, and I believe that she figured that out the hard way

Come on, let’s go home

What happened?Alaria asked, looking at Yasmin. She cupped her cheeks, forcing her eyes on hers before wrapping her arms around her. She hugged me back and buried her head in the crook of my neck for a moment

Long story, short. The rogue is dead, it was Enzo who shot him.I said, and she frowned

It means the war is most likely over?Alaria asked, and I shook my head

Not when Katerina is on the loose.” I said, and she frowned. Yasmin looked at Alaria for a moment and the pain that I saw in the little girl’s eyes tore me apart. She was eighteen, but in my head, I saw her as the little girl that I used to watch playing dolls around the pack


Chapter 126 

How about we have the maids set a bath for you? It would relax your muscles, and the two of us can talk?Alaria asked, looking at Yasmin who nodded. She nodded at both the maids who were standing by the staircase before turning her attention to me and Matias


Yasmin walked, slowly, but she forced herself to stay on her feet. The two maids helped her up the stairs, and I knew that it was something that she was mostly thankful for

What happened and where is Enzo?Alaria asked, and Matias took a deep breath

Jacob had my daughter compelled. He somehow wanted to use her against me. It was Enzo who shot him and Leonardo who managed to catch her before she hit the ground. I would have lost her if he didn’t.Matias said, and I smiled, putting à hand on his shoulder. I owe you my life for what you did.” 

Nonsense, you would have done the same for me if not more.I said, and he smiled. Yasmin is a little sister to me, and I would both die and kill for her. It is an unchangeable or breakable bond. Therefore, you don’t need to thank me for something that you know that I would be more than willing to do again.” 

Matias put a hand on mine before taking a step back to excuse himself. The day was long enough as it was, and I knew that he would need time to process what happened. Hell, even I couldn’t help but blame myself for her leaving. Had I not spoken to her the way that I did, I knew that things would have been a lot easier. At least, I believed that it would be

You are hiding something,Alaria said, and I shook my head

Yasmin told me that she wanted to be with me. I told her that I saw her as no more than a sister. It was what had her leaving in the first place.I said, and Alaria’s eyes widened before a small smile played on her lips

I’ll speak to her.She said, and I shook my head

Trust me when I say that she is more stubborn than you are.” I said, and Alaria glared at me. And I mean it in the best possible way.” 

I am going to have your head later, please remind me of doing so. For now, I am going to see to Yasmin. Then we will be talking about different matters.She said, and I shook my head in question. Ezio passed by when you left. And something is off about him, and I am not sure what it is. But I think that if anyone can find out, it’s you.” 

First, let me deal with the upset little wolf. We’ll talk about the rest later” 


Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

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